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    im sorry for posting, ive been trying not to bc i dont like makinng a fuss, especially when i havent been up to posting much to help everyone else out... but i honestly dont know where else i can say this...

    ive been looking forward to this summer all semester. i have a job on campus, and im going to be able to get out of the house for a little while and live in an apartment on campus with some people. i have a job with one of the marine bio profs helping with research, and theres a lot of people i know working around the department.

    well my kid brother is a senior in high school, was accepted to and is going to go to an expensive ivy league school in the fall. there were a couple of other cheaper, just as good schools he could have picked, but he thinks money grows on trees, and thought that he was such a hot commodity wherever he wanted to go would pay for him to come there. well, not the case, so were stuck with a bigger bill than anticipated and now the kid needs to get a job to help pay. he never had a job in high school, neither had i, so we could focus on schoolwork. but hes been dragging his feet ever since my parents told him he needed a job.

    hes basically a math genius, and has been taking math classes at the same uni i go to for the past 2 years, and has done well. he thought he was going to be able to just get hired by a math prof there and do research for the summer, something like that, bc hes so damn special. well no luck, so he tried applying around for other jobs on campus. ok i could deal with that, he would be around me but not really, id be in one building and he would be elsewhere. so he thought he could go and get a job working at a fancy restaurant nearby where its bug tourist season during summer. parents wouldnt allow that, understandably, its crowded, hes got no common sense, enough said. he doesnt want to work at the local supermarket, and even if he could get a job there he wouldnt get many hours so many kids work there already. so weve been trying to get him to apply anywhere and everywhere else thats around. he refuses. so my dad, who works part time in the building ill be working in, asked another prof if theres any jobs open. so now this prof has been asking around, and everyones looking into finding a job there for my brother. possibly even with the same prof im working for.

    i seriously want to punch the kid in the face, just beat the shit out of him. hes SO FUCKING COCKY. he thinks hes the shit and that hes above working at a normal job. this job, being able to be away from everyone at home for a few months, is what ive looked forward to. working in the bio department, its something i did last summer, its something thats MINE. growing up, hes always been the genius. anything that ive ever done has always been either shared with him or overshadowed by him, despite his being 2 years younger. THIS IS THE ONE FUCKING BLOODY THING THATS MINE :cry: and if he gets what he wants i wont even have that anymore. sure ill be there and be his senior but itll be back to all about him, look at the kid working here, hes going to dartmouth, hes a genius...

    i know we need the money, i know he needs to work. i know. i moved home from the dorms so we would have more money for him to go where he wanted. there are plenty of other places where he could find work. my dads just called to remind me to "bite my tongue, dont shoot him down" as it looks like he might really get a job at uni with me...

    i just want something to myself for once... is that really too much to ask? :blub:
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    My siblings and I had gone through similar situations time and time again... and no, it isn't wrong for you to want something to yourself; but younger siblings often want the same thing mainly because you have it.
    It's just a fact of life... unfortunately.

    I have a feeling though... that he wouldn't be suited for a 'normal' job. It doesnt necessarily make him better than anyone else-- it's almost like a handicap. You know? Some people are *ONLY* good at specific things and they would totally fuck up simple tasks; or interacting with people or other things.
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    thanks hon, i didnt think anyone would actually read this.

    hes had the spotlight since he was 5- the kid played with calculators and figured out negative numbers before i could multiply. hes never had a problem getting and keeping the attention. and yea, i agree he might not be suited for some typical jobs, but if he gets the a job near me it will be in biology, which he hates as hes very good in math and physics type stuff. so it wouldnt really be much of an advantage... i guess i think hed be just as well off at some simple minded job elsewhere.

    *sigh* sorry, im really just complaining...
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    Hi :hug:

    Your brother may be going to Dartmouth but don't let that take away from your own accomplishments. Your brother may be a whiz at Math, but so what? You obviously have other talents. When I think of myself and my sis, I was always stronger in the maths and sciences, but she was stronger in the arts and english. She was very creative which I lacked.

    Its very nice of you to help your brother pay for his tuition by agreeing to come live at home. Having tasted freedom away from home myself, I prefer to be away.

    You know what. I think at the end of the day, this job really is all yours. You had it first. You're brother is just learning that what you have is better than a random job at a grocery store. He's practically following in your footsteps. Isn't imitation the highest form of flattery? Don't sweat it, because you were there first. It's all yours in the first place.

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    Honestly it sounds like your brother is setting himself up for a bitchslap by the real world.
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    younger siblings can be a pain in the ass

    i remember when i was a kid all of privledges were based on age - couldn't get a bicycle until i was 6, could ride to the store by myself until i was 10

    but my brother was only a year and a half younger - we both got bikes at the same time because it wouldn't be fair to upset him - he could ride to the store with me because i could look after him

    my parents didn't seem to notice how unfair i felt it was that each little privledge i had to wait for was only mine alone for a short time if for any time at all