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Ive been called a dog all my life.i didnt know why.till the memories of being locked up.like a dog came back.i am now hearing thoughts and my pretend family are trying to lock me up.
They keep threatening it.nobody is helping me.my family abuse me then say I imagined it.
Everything that happens' is in my head '
Like the fact that NOONE talks to me.how can that be normal ,?
My car broke down tonight.NOT ONE PERSON helped me.
The neighbours ignored me and my abusive adopted.father came out shouting and flooded it.which nw leaves me with the bill.
According to him the readon the car broke down is cos the mat was hitting off the accelerator.no fking wonder I have problems listening to that


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I'm very disappointed that people are treating you this way. :hug: Wish I could help with anything going on. :sad:


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I cant take anymorw.nobody bothers with me.i dont think im a terrible person.
Its the adopted family.i need my own place.im broken up.maybe I should write.
I need other people who are sad to read my stuff and to know they are not alone.
Im sick of this pain.nobody cares about me.i want to die
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