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    Ever since I graduated University 2 years ago I've more or less just tried to stay exactly where I am. Not because I wouldn't love to change things (because I definitely do) but because every time I try and do something to advance my life, life turns around and bitch slaps me back to my place in life.

    Monday I wrote an aptitude test to try and get into the electrician's union, since my great grandfather, grandfather, uncle and father are all part of it, so I have the in's and it's something that could be good money and a good career. Especially since my degree is useless and I have no experience or in's to the wildlife field.

    I also went to get my passport. Something that is a little more important in my town since we are a border city and hopping over to the states is worthwhile to find things and get them cheaper. It will also allow me to visit my father in the US and God Forbid, maybe travel somewhere exotic for fun or a job.

    But of course all this is just too much forward progress so life has to step in. Now today I've chipped a molar (which is great since I don't have a dentist or even the money to go to one) and just found out that my truck needs $600 worth of repairs and that it really shouldn't be on the road until they are done.

    I'm barely managing to pay back my ridiculous student loans and I have no income coming in. I got a good amount back from income tax that I really thought I could use to finally have some fun, and it's pretty much all gone now.

    Someone even asked what happened, because I was actually happy yesterday. Well happy compared to my usual pissed off self. Serves me right I guess. No happiness now. :censored:
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    Hi, Bigman. I'm sorry to hear how things went sour on you!

    A broken tooth is no fun! (Been there myself.) Have you called up a few dental offices to find out if they have any sort of payment plan where you could break up the payment over a number of months? My dentist does that for me, and since I don't have insurance, he also charges less for the services. It could be worthwhile looking into those things. If possible, get your tooth attended to sooner rather than later. Thinking of you.
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    Don't you hate that? Seems like every time you come into extra money, life throws you an extra expense. I'll bet if I was lucky enough to win the lottery, some idiot would find a reason to sue me for a million dollars.

    I hope everything works out for you in the end.