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Seroquel and Wellbutrin


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Has anyone tried this combo before?
Jump to the last part if you don't want to read a novel. :tongue:

I've been on Seroquel since xmas(for hearing voices), taking 100mg in the morning and 150mg at night. Started on 150mg in the morning, but I couldn't function with that so my psych reduced it. I was on Risperdal for a long time, until my gp decided last year that I didn't need it anymore. Of course I still needed it and I had to go up again to the dose I had been on. It didn't work as good this time, so my psych wanted me to try Seroquel instead. It has been working as well as the Risperdal, but it makes me fall asleep if I sit still for a while for the first half of the day. I want to get back on Risperdal, but I don't think I can go through the days of voices at full volume between the meds before I get the depression under control.
That brings me to the Wellbutrin. It's the 3rd anti-depressant I have been on since november (I think) and my gp says if this doesn't work nothing will. He didn't say it that way, but I'm pretty sure thats what he meant. (Reason I see my gp for this is that me and psychs don't work well together. My last psychiatric said she didn't believe in meds and after one appointment with me she said I was too sane to be psychotic. I also saw once when she left the room that she had written that I didn't SH. She had never asked, and at that time it was almost a daily thing for me. Last time I saw her I begged her to help me because depression was killing me, but she just sent me home. I then called my gp and asked to see him instead.) Wellbutrin hasn't done much for me yet, but it's probably too early. Problem is though that lately there is more noice in my head, or louder maybe, and I feel that some of my thoughts aren't mine.

So I'm kinda asking, has anyone felt that Seroquel works less while on Wellbutrin?

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I found the wellbutrin helped with the seriqual in that wellbutrin gives you energy the seriqual in time should not make you as tired it was taken at night time so it help with sleep. Abilify works the best so far for the voices with my daughter she is still on serqual small dose at night wellbutrin in am and abilify in am this seem to work best. she has lost weight as wellwith wellbutrin as it curbs her cravings for food


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Thank you for your reply. :) I'll ask my gp about Abilify.
I have noticed that my food cravings are less, but thats not really a good thing since my eating habits have been all over the place lately. I usually don't eat more than two meals a day, many days only one meal. It's no big deal yet, because I'm still overweight, but I'm kinda worried that if I start running again and stop eating chocolate my weight will drop fast.
My psych said that the tiredness would stop after a while, but I have been on it for over 4 months now. Hopefully the Wellbutrin will make me more awake soon.

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