Seroquel vs Seroquel SR?

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Finally I have a psych that sees sense and realised that I need help. I was taking 300mg Seroquel off-prescription because the health service just weren't listening to me that antidepressants weren't working for me, and Seroquel worked like a charm. So my new psych says well if it's working I don't see why we should take you off it. So she prescribed me it officially and now I'm on 300mg and by two weeks I will be on 450mg. But she prescribed me the slow release and I was wondering the difference anyone else had seen in it if anyone else has ever been on both?

Another question I have... She also seems to think that my mood swings aren't typical of bipolar. I have depressions that last up to 4 months and elated moods that last up to 3 months... I showed her a list of symptoms I had found online of manic episodes and the following were the ones that I have noticed in myself during elated moods:

• I need less sleep
• I feel more energetic and more active
• I am more self-confident
• I enjoy my work more
• I am more sociable (make more phone calls, go out more)
• I want to travel and/or do travel more
• I spend more money/too much money
• I take more risks in my daily life (in my work and/or other activities)
• I am physically more active (sport etc.)
• I plan more activities or projects.
• I have more ideas, I am more creative
• I am less shy or inhibited
• I wear more colourful and more extravagant clothes/make-up
• I want to meet or actually do meet more people
• I am more interested in sex, and/or have increased sexual desire
• I am more flirtatious and/or am more sexually active
• I talk more
• I think faster
• I make more jokes or puns when I am talking
• I am more easily distracted
• I engage in lots of new things
• My thoughts jump from topic to topic
• I do things more quickly and/or more easily
• I am more impatient and/or get irritable more easily
• I can be exhausting or irritating for others
• My mood is higher, more optimistic
• I smoke more cigarettes
• I drink more alcohol
• I take more drugs (sedatives, anti-anxiety pills, stimulants)

There was only like another 4 on the list that didn't apply to me. But she says that it's not typical of bipolar, I wish I understood what she meant. 3 months of being pretty much constantly as above, was really very bizarre to me. She says however that if I had all of those to the extent of bipolar I would be on a ward. However I don't understand why someone top of the world euphoric-manic would need to be put on a ward? Just a question. I'm thinking of asking her if she'll do the bipolar screening test on me just to put my mind at rest. What is it called?

Oh and I'm also getting psychotherapy for my alters, she says that there are issues I obviously need to work through or something. She kept talking to me like I'd been abused and was refusing to disclose the information about it. Hmm.

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I cant answer your question about the meds but it is possible to have manic phases if you have BPD.


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seroquel sr are slow release .. dose released a bit at a time the non slow release ones are often used for insomnia or rapid tranquilisation. Sr ones usually reach peak plasma levels 6 hrs after dosing. the doses are usually at the descretion of the doctor prescribing usual dose is up to 800 mg but some ppl do get prescribed more. I saw a woman with unmedicated bipolar on the psych ward i was in she was allover the place running around throwing things talking to herself couldnt do any one thing for doing everything etc ofc everyone is diff... but there are many conditions that have mood symptoms could it be possible that u have cyclothymia a mild form of bp i dont no im no doctor but thats the diff in meds anyway.
I've been on both Seroquel and Seroquel XL (or SR as you called it).
For me Normal Seroquel handled my psychosis and my insomnia (added benefit!) much better than what Seroquel XL did (Psychosis was worse, sleep was shit compared to normal release), however with normal release i have to have so much sleep on it or else i'll feel drowsy all day and my concentration levels will be lower than normal (if thats even possible lol)

I started on normal release for almost a year, switched to XL and then within a few weeks was put back on normal release as it just wasn't working for me. Obviously everyone is different, but yeah thats my experience.
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