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sertraline doseage advice ???


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hi lovley ppl ive been back for another app and they have upped the sertraline to 100 ..ive been on it 2 weeks so would it be better to take one morning and one night or both together ?? also is there any over the counter meds that help with sleep as they wont gimmie anything to help with the insomnia and im sooooo tired. Im on sertraline and propanolol and codine so any advice would be greatly received ! Ive tried all the normal good sleep hygene stuff but it hasnt helped ive also tried kalms nytol and things from herbal shops but still nothing ! :lol!:


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I was once on Zoloft and the psychiatrist suggested taking 50 mg twice a day to minimize side effects; I don't know if this information helps you any. :p

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it depend on the side effects if you are hyper with it t hen take it in morning if it cause you to tired then evening is better but ask your doctor okay he would know best hugs

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