Sertraline (Zoloft)?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Christianv2, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Christianv2

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    Just curious on what exactly this stuff does and what its affects are if anyone can give me some insight. Its called Sertraline, its generic for Zoloft.
  2. mad hatter

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  3. Christianv2

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    Wow damn, thanks for the info. Didnt know there was that much known about it.
  4. Uninitiated

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    Having been prescribed zoloft before, I will tell you that it is complete garbage and it would be wise to stay as far away as possible from anything having to do with the drug.
  5. heartlessfaceless

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    i took sertraline for two years when i was younger,and apart from the side effects in the beggining i found it helped,i was jumping for joy or anything but i wasnt trying to top myself either!

    its difficult for people to find anti depressants that are right for them,because everyones diffrent,...they say theres a high risk of suicide with sertraline but personally i recently tried taking CITALOPRAM (celexa) and they tipped me over the edge and i tried to kill myself after jus over a week.

    i woudlnt listen to anyones opinion of how a drug worked with them,if it doesnt feel like its helping its probley not the right one for you..jus change to something else.
  6. nagisa

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    For me Sertraline didn't help at all. If anything it only made it worse. But I think it may have been because of that warning about teens taking it. Sometimes when you are a teen and you take zoloft (or various other kinds of Anti-Depressants) you feel even worse and the suicidal feels are a lot stronger. Just be careful If you do decide to take it or any other kind. Take care!! *hugs*
  7. Spearmint

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    I've been on it for almost two months now, I haven't felt anything except it makes my depressive states worse.
  8. zoebaby

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    I took zoloft two years ago and it worked great, i was going through a really bad depression, crying a lot. I had to take 100 miligrams though, at first they gave me 50 ml and that didnt do anything, but 100 worked great. I guess it just works different for different people.
  9. SirRob

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    Well my doctor just prescribed this for me. 25mg. I also take fiorcet to deal with my migraines (Severe Chronic Atypical Mirgraines). Of course it wasn't until I had been taking it for a few days did I find out it was generic Zoloft. Now I heard that my family doesn't do well on it and the only thing we really respond to is paxil. I'm gonna try to be on the Zoloft for a bit, but FIRST hint of my libido being hurt or me having sexual problems. BAM out the window goes the pills. I'd rather have the highs and lows of being bipolar then not being able to have sex.