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    :rip: :mad: I see the set up:unsure: I can see it so clearly but it is a waste of time:eek:hmy: :cool:They will not get the grand prize :laugh: :no: :nono: :rip:
  2. lostcat95

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    They break you down to build you up and destroy you:starwars:
  3. Terry

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    What happened hun :hug:
  4. ~CazzaAngel~

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    :eek:hmy: What's going on hun???
  5. lostcat95

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    I am under attack! People want to destroy me to cover up their mistakes and lies! I can see through the wolves they send, pretending to be saints. I will never trust him or their snakes, I can see what they are doing and its not going to work. They should be mad at themselves not me! They should be mad at those ccs, not me! The set up is not going to work! Plot plan gather as u wish, I can see you just as you're watching me. I don't need high tech crap to see you or a team of "professionals".

    He's nice candy for now, thanks
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