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Setting a date in the future...?

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Ok... I have to ask...

Has anyone ever set a deadline for themselves, that they would commit suicide if things weren't better by that date?

I really feel that this is my best route. I do want to have a normal life. I feel that the date I've set is perfect. I don't want to get into my specific goals, but by the time I've set, if I don't have those goals accomplished, I will no longer have a chance at having a normal life. I won't feel sad. I know that my life would be too screwed up anyway.

I have come so close before, but I've never actually set a deadline before. I'm scared to be even thinking like this, but I'm happy to have a deadline. I want to be alive, but I don't see a point in living a screwed up life with no chance of happiness.


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I feel very much the same way you do Lymeinside.I have set my date, selected my method and while I do hope it never comes I've resigned myself to the fact that being unhappy for the rest of my years is just not something I'm prepared to do.


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Same here. Set mine for the 6th of January, so I get to celebrate one last Christmas and NewYear with ppl I love but avoid my exams. Funny really, why is there no feeling?
I've even pretended to myself the 6th is tomoro just to see what i'll be like emotionally. Nothing.
Are you as frightened as you'de expected yourselves to be?


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hell yeah same goes for me; my deadline is right after my parents passed away. i have absolutely no problem in taking my life right now, but what concerns me is my parents. we aren't really close but i know it will hurt them to bits if i was to kill myself.

so right now i am waiting. and it is so hard to wait, because everyday is so painful for me. i have huge problems at school, i am loosing the one most important person in my life and i have no friends.

there is absolutely no one to turn to for me, and everyday every second of my life i wish God would take me away from this living hell.

so yes i am waiting for my deadline, and i am so looking forward to it.

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I always wanted to die on the same day i was born. I curse the day i was born, I curse the moment I was conceived. Theres something I have to do in the coming months that will ultimately decide my fate. I have to find the answer to an age old question, and only have a few months to do it. Ive tried to take my life in the past in the most suttle of ways. But I know next time will be a little more blunt. I dont know what I will do, just hope i will have the courage to do it.


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I remeber back when i was about 11 or 12 maybe, or even before that, I set a limit for about age 22 or 23. And now i'm there. Hence this crisis.

I feel like i owe it to myself to just do it, but it's not something that I really want to do.


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I did that a while back. I never picked a method or even a specific date, but I put it far enough into the future where I would have a realistic chance of getting a little better in the mean time. I'm happy to say that I did get much better and eventually forgot about the deadline because suicide sorta just disappeared as far as being a leading option.

I'm not sure how healthy it is to set a date to kill yourself. But I remember that for me it felt like a goal was set, and that was relieving. Just remember to take it one day at a time and try to do that. When you can do that, even if your deadline comes, you can just make it alive throughout it, and just keep on going living in the now each day. Baby steps are the most difficult kind, but you're still walking...

Luck & love...


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My deadline to get my act together is my next birthday. Now there are several people that are going to hate me saying that, and to them I really do apologize, but you need to keep in mind, this life im living atm....its worthless.

So thats my deadline and I will stick to it.


Definitely within 9 months, if not a lot sooner. Always good to have some kind of goal you can look forward to, even in the worst of situations. It gets to be strange though when you have the time to think about how this will be the last of everything, last changing of the years, last time for x yearly event, etc. I will never see another birthday. In some limited ways is can be a good perspective you wouldn't have had the chance to have if you had just randomly died in an accident without really having had time to think about the end.

I hope the rest of you can find some better solutions though before your date comes, because there are a lot of great things you can experience in life. Maybe being aware of how few days you have left will be a motivation to do something new.


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So if there is a limit, then one can act wreckless as if it's one's last month/week/day on earth - because in theory it is? If this is the best solution out there then I will change everything immediately. Well, I think it is not, at least not yet.

Gee, everyone I know will question me. but in a way i think I'm getting there already. I suppose living for the present would have a HUGE effect on me. This is like a revelation. OMG!


One is free to do what one wants, but would you really want
to act reckless? Personally, I'll try not to screw over everyone else on my way out, since they are the ones that still have the life potential, and because I remember how good it can be sometimes.

You've always been free though to do what you want, but there are consequences for you and other people who will survive you. I think a lot of people that choose to die though it is because for whatever reason they do have difficulty thinking and living in the present as much as most others do. For some people, letting go of control in some way changes everything and they find a way not to worry as much.


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From my experience in trying to 'get better'- usually you have to kind of throw something unusual into your life to "shake things up". I 'got better' by coming on this site and expressing what I felt. It really can be that simple, by adding a combination of letters and the "Enter" key in the url bar. :mellow:

Just something you're not used to so it feels 'new' and not like you're still recycling the same last few weeks of your life and existing in the same repetition. See a crappy garage rock concert. Or perhaps visit the coffee shop and stay there for THREE HOURS.

This little piece is important though: When you do your 'shake-up', make sure it's in the city you live in. If not, you may look at it as a stand-alone vacation as opposed to an actual life-changing event. I was really frustrated at one point because the only fun I ever had was when I visited other people/cities. It led me to believe it was my CITY that was fucked up. Not me. Which isn't true because I can have fun anywhere- even a pile of sand in Nevada. :biggrin:


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17 years from now is my due date. If I havent found a life better than what I've got now, then there's no point in going on beyond that. In 17 years, I'll be 37. I don't want to live beyond that if I've got nothing. I don't really want to die, but I also don't want to live a nameless existence, or at least the same one that I've got going on now.

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My deadline is November 21, 2009. I'll be 25 by then. The only thing is, there are certain circumstances which recently made me put the deadline "on hiatus". I can't say for sure that my life will be any better by then, because I know I've been going through the same repetitive crap over and over and it seems I barely have the motivation to change it immensely. I'm just so tired of people around me not taking me very seriously, treating me with disrespect, told that I'm "loved" without really having showed it... I just feel like I'm living one big joke over and over, day by day.

I try my best to stay positive, but something tells me things won't improve in the next three years. In fact I feel things may get worse. I'll only know the truth when that time comes.


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My deadline is actually my 25th birthday, too. It gives me just about 3 years to turn my life around. In general, if I don't feel happy by my 25th birthday, I'm going to just go away. 3 years might seem like a long time, and it may be. I just think my life will be too far gone by then to be normal. 25 years is over 1/3 of the normal persons lifespan. Wow... it's scary to even think about that.


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My set date is December 31, 2006.I have about two weeks left to atleast be given one chance to make amends.If not, I've already secured a cabin in a rural area where I plan on gassing myself.I'm not scared of dying, it's better than living a life filled with despair and regret.
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