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    I wish to set myself free from my troubles and delusions and because I have the power to do so I will.

    Many of you may have been wondering just what exactly what I have been going on about since I arrived.Well tonight I will show you.

    Her name is "Iva" and she resides at a website called "Vloggerheads".
    She has an account there under the same name.

    For the past two years I have been obsessing about this woman to the point that I actually thought she was talking to me in her videos.
    I imagined we had a future together.

    I had also concocted a fantasy that the users known as "Syd","Frank","Deborah","Jessica peanut","Arthur"and "Satan Presley" as well as many others were constantly monitoring my online movements and playing a game in attempt at spoiling relations between us.

    I wish to set myself free from this mental bondage and for the new Year I shall be traveling from site to site proclaiming the above facts.

    Tonight my personal journey into deliverance begins here.

    Please feel free to comment,I need some impartial reality if any of you have any to give.
  2. total eclipse

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    i hope with help from your doctors therapist you will be able to find reality and to break from these delusions i wish you the best in the New YEar
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    Thank you Iva.
  4. NoMoneyToPlease

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    That was meant to be a joke violet.
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    duh duh duh sorry guys take care