"Seven Deadly Sins"

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Xalcro, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Xalcro

    Xalcro Well-Known Member

    This is just an extremely random subject; I got spare time now so I guess... well, I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Just wait and see what turns out in the post, I guess.

    I used to RP (roleplay) a bit, on a separate forum. One of my settings was using the Seven Deadly Sins - sad, but whatever. To set that up I researched pretty in-depth to it. And it just seems strange...

    I guess, they originate from the Bible, right? Well, let me just share...

    Supposedly Pride is the most powerful, most evil, most deadly of all seven sins. Pride being vanity, self-absorbed and selfish doings, where one does not think of others and only looks out, cares for, likes... whatever, oneself.

    Wrath is unnecessary anger, pretty straightforward there. Often though, this is linked to revenge, but not directly (linked). Basically a thirst for blood/violence or whatever.

    Lust... straightforward, lol. Like anything sexual without the love.

    Greed - greed for money, power, etc.

    Envy - jealousy of a certain aspect of another person or thing, and desiring that for our own.

    Gluttony, now this is commonly misunderstood. Gluttony is a prime depiction of weakness, giving in to one's desires. Most people think it only really covers food, but it's not. Addictions, all, of any sort, fall under gluttony. Drugs, etc.

    Sloth. The last, and somehow not really considered a "sin", but also misunderstood. Sloth is refusing (or not bothering) to celebrate good... sorry, my phrasing sucks. It's basically, depression. Laziness, refusing to collaborate, and sinking into oneself in depression.

    Why Pride is the most powerful is because most, if not all, of the other sins attribute to it. Sloth, a certain kind of selfishness. Gluttony, addiction, feeding one's desires. Same with Lust. Envy, jealousy to hatred of someone else, desire for our own. Greed, wanting money, power, for our own. Wrath is only associated with Pride when it is linked with revenge, which is in most cases.

    Isn't it funny, how none of these sins are punishable? Okay, maybe I sound harsh, but... you can't punish someone for being proud, or horny or whatever. You can't punish them for wanting power, or for being jealous. You can't (really) punish them for unforseen fits of rage, or overeating or depression. It's like... ok, drugs, is one thing, but few of these "evils" actually fall under the law. Kinda strange, it's like... well, you get the idea.

    A last thing, on Wikipedia when I was doing my "research", I came across the Latin names for the sins. 'Tis interesting...

    Pride - Superbia... super.
    Wrath - Ira... ire (it means anger, not a very common word).
    Lust - Luxuria... luxury.
    Greed - Avaritia... avarice.
    Envy - Invidia...
    Gluttony - Gula...
    Sloth - Acedia...

    Erm, yeah. As you can see, my lousy sense of vocabulary prevents me from filling in the last three spaces. I just checked on Answers, but the results are pretty lame. If you think of any synonyms/derivaties, share. :)

    Invidia - invidious.
    Gula - "gula" (yeah, lame, I know).
    Acedia - "acedia" (again, lame).

    But yeah, there just went so many minutes of my life. Lol, I appreciate it if you took the time to read all that crap. See ya. :laugh:
  2. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    The idea behind the 7 deadly sins, in the bible, is they were the 7 sins of men (as in people). That most people feel. Your not meant to be punished for them, theyre just sins because they show a lack of selflessness.

    Or, to compare it to something recenter, remember how jedi's arent allowed to fall in love because it leads to anger. Anything you desire, or aim to get, can corrupt you. Thats the idea.

    And no I dont know what the original translations are im afraid.
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