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  1. When you bite your nails until they hurt & even bleed.... could that be considered a form of self harm?? I do not do it on purpose, yet it's been going on for years and I find myself catching me as I do it without even thinking. Even the pain does nothing to stop me from doing it.
  2. I'm not sure about that one. I mean, you're not doing it on purpose. But you do it even though you know it happens. I'm not sure.

    I use to bite my nails like that. All the time. I never had nails. Then I had to get all four of my canines removed for braces, and that's what I used to bite my nails with cause I have such a bad overbite, so now I can't bite my nails. :sad: On the brighter side I now have nails. And when I get nervous instead of biting them, I tap them. Maybe someone can give you better answer.
  3. laurenelizabeth09leb

    laurenelizabeth09leb Well-Known Member

    I bite my nails like that a lot.. but I never really considered it self harm.. but now that I start thinking about it... I think it might be..
  4. It is considered self-harm is you're doing it to extremes. This is in the same category as hair pulling and skin picking. If you're finding relief by biting your nails until they bleed and such then it's self-harm to most therapists. I excessively pick the skin off around my nails and my nails until they bleed. I do it moreso in stressful situations and it's one of the first things I go for when I am feeling uncomfortable.
    These sort of self-harming methods are exceptionally difficult to control because you become so less aware of them. They're *almost* socially acceptable so it doesn't seem so bad to bystanders. It's very difficult to stop as I've tried to stop picking my skin/nails and I just can't do it.

    Try to keep your hands busy with something else in times that you find yoursel doing this. When you find you're biting them again then remind yourself to stop and, like I said, keep your hands busy with something else.
  5. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    I used to bite my nails not as bad as that though because I played too much piano... I had to stop when I got braces. Now I don't bite them even though I got my braces off. Maybe you could get some of that polish stuff that tastes really bad? Although it doesn't really work over the long term when you get used to it... but its worth a try I guess.

  6. Wonderstuff

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    I do that :( They don't always bleed but they always hurt like hell if you take them down far enough.
    I didn't really think of it as self harm before because sometimes it just happens out of habit, but more often it's when I'm nervous or stressed, which I guess is when I would have cut, before. So maybe it is self harm :(
    I also bite the inside of my cheeks, do you do that? I'd say that was more self harm.
    As for those products which you paint on your nails to stop you biting them, like I don't know if they still make it but when I was younger I had Stop 'n' Grow, even though it tasted vile it still didn't make any difference :shy: So I don't know how successful that kind of thing is really. Plus, if it is self harm, would that kind of thing actually help anyway? I think it's intended more for the purely habitual nail-biter.
  7. ~Nobody~

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    I do that all the time! I often have blood blisters on the inside of my cheeks from chewing at them. I am gross :unsure:.

    JANIV, I guess the question is: do you like that they hurt and bleed? If you do then I would consider it a form of self harm. If you don't then I would just consider it a habit that's gone too far.
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  8. kindtosnails

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    It really depends. i don't think anyone can give you a definitive answer on this, only you know how you feel when you do it. Just to point out though, i don't think the severity makes any difference to whether or not something would be classed as self injury, for example scratching is no less self injury than cutting, the injury itself isn't what's important.
  9. Been gone a long time..... biting is as severe as ever(thumb on right hand bleeding).... I do not enjoy the pain, yet still bear it. I enjoy chewing though, it's like: chew, bite, chew, bite off chew spit out. Chewing gum does not stop this. I figure if it's self harm it's completely subconsious for me & uncontrollable as well.......
  10. ~CazzaAngel~

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    I sippose it'd be self harm because after all it is harming yourself. I also bite my nails really really short and sometimes until the bleed and I bite my lower lip. :shy:
  11. Erebos

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    Consider getting fake nails. Even if you're a guy, get colourless, clear, short ones that shouldn't be very noticeable.

    Also, I'm not sure if compulsive hair pulling is self harm. The condition is trichotillomania.
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