Severe thoughts of suicide, over and over.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by pfcyoung, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. pfcyoung

    pfcyoung New Member

    I'm 17 years old. I'm in the United States Army National Guard in Tennessee. I've been getting into quite a bit of trouble here lately with my father. I turn 18 in 3 days. I've been using his truck without permission, which he calls stealing, and I agree to that. I don't know what makes me want to do all this stuff that I do. I've stole money out of his banking account, using checks that he left at the house, that amounted up to $900. He then made me sell a truck I bought myself for $1500 and sold it for $1350 though I'd put about $300 in it with his money. I know this is all my fault, but suicide SO passes through my brain so often. Not only to my father do I do these things, but I got other people that I'm lying to, such as my aunt, grandma, and step-grandpa, etc. It's about to kill me!
  2. Legna

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    If you feel guilty about doing those things, suicide will just hurt your family even more and won't fix a single thing.

    Live and repent, andchange isvery, very hard that it is.
    but if you really want to change you can, just concentrate on breaking one bad habit at a time.:tiger:
  3. Fading Mentality

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    It does not seem to me that suicide would be the correct action here. I was a very troubled child/teen and grew out of such actions on my own accord. Your teenage years into your early twenties are very difficult times and i'd say they are getting more difficult for every generation. I would suggest finding someone or something that stimulates you in a positive manner as this may help you find what it is you seem to be searching for.
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