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  1. someone_

    someone_ Active Member

    I'm an adult by age but still so far back. I was (am) depressed. No friends to go out with, nothing "normal" to do. It's overwhelming how empty my life has been and makes me feel bitter and frustrated. I actually think I may have seen too much porn to "escape" (masturbating to it daily, sometimes multiple times) and that also ruined my sex drive.

    This feeling of inexperience holds me back. There's nothing I can do about it...except do things I know I would've done had I been healthier mentally. Like sex, I actually had a good sex drive at the beginning of my depression. I tried once but I wasn't into it and it was rather traumatizing that I "failed".. Having a a low sex drive and only being turned on by porn is unhealthy. Also, just kissing a while ago made me feel like I've accomplished something and gave me a good (rare) feeling. It may be immature but I didn't have that time to be "immature". Long story short, I want to have sex but I'm afraid it won't go well because of my pathetic sex drive and maybe cause I'm used to porn too.

    How's your sex drive? Have you experienced what I have? Have any suggestions, anything?
  2. I don't even know what my sex drive is anymore. I'm so focused on death, that anything relating to life and sex, is just blah.
  3. SadDude87

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    Porn can wruin a sex drive, and also fosters unrealistic expectations and personal demands. Stop watching. Stop masturbating (or masturbate without orgasm) for a week. Take a zinc and arginine supplement. The drive will return.

    My sex drive relates strongly with how I feel. If I am craving sex, I feel energized, refreshed, confident. If I am not I feel low, slovenly, lazy, depressed. So I take it pretty seriously. Like I said your drive will return, try my advice. Good luck.
  4. someone_

    someone_ Active Member


    will do.

    I feel low, tired, depressed most of the time so it figures my sex drive wouldn't be great.
  5. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    There are times when I'm going absolutely crazy which is a combined with certain times of the month+a very high mood+ other things- I start to annoy a lot of people then or my girlfriend just finds me very amusing. Right now I think I'm just 'normal' ..?
  6. You did say, "anything?"...

    I don't think it would be a 'luxury' to indulge in extended foreplay if you could (what's game is up to you and your chosen partner).

    Possibly quite a lot of fun, and not so much pressure to 'perform'...
  7. someone_

    someone_ Active Member

    I did that the last (and only) time but it didn't help. Keep in mind I wasn't very attracted to the looks or personality. It basically felt mechanical since I really don't have that desire anymore.
  8. Sorry that was not helpful :sad:
    (didn't mean to bring back a 'bad' memory either...)

    And I hate to leave it at that...

    Is investigating some form of therapy an option (?)
    Or at least, using your search engine to research the subject (?)
    Or even speaking to your physician, if you feel comfortable (?)
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  9. someone_

    someone_ Active Member

    No, it's OK. I like to hear all the advice I can get. Well, I doubt it's a psyhical thing since I'm young and not in the best state of mind. I tried some sort of therapy but it didn't work and I can't afford a more serious one. Thanks...
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