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    Today really got me thinking.. I'm thinking I possibly could be asexual, or something.. Like it's strange, I was talking about sex today with my friends, well they were talking about it more, and I just don't see what drives people to want to do it, or more just.. in movies and things, it's more normal i guess, but when I try to imagine that in real life, with people I know, I can't. Then I was thinking.. isn't 14/15/16 young? for sex? When I found out just how many people that age have actually done it, it kindof freaked me out. I don't feel like I can look at people the same way anymore, now that i know they've done it. Then I'm scared of my closer friends when they do it, it just seems like it'll change it. I get attracted to people.. rarely, but sometimes, but I don't like the thought of sex. I don't want children either. Is that weird? I know some of my friends have already done it, but with those ones it doesn't seem so shocking, i don't know why
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    I dont think its weird, i didnt think about sex at that age nor did i have any (i'm a woman though so i'm sure its different for guys ;)). The media gets it all wrong to begin with. Yknow though just because other people are doing things at certain ages doesn't mean you should just because it's the "standard". I think it's too young to worry about. people are all different, some go for casual hook ups, others need love. dont do it because of peer pressure (assuming you're around that age, or I spose that applies to any age), if you do it because of that of course it will be lousy. you'll know when it's right for you, as corny as that sounds.
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    Thats not wierd at all, Society these days is very sexual in that its promoted everywhere and these days young women are pressured more and more into sex. Regardless of this people develop at different ages and its different for everyone the worst thing you could do would be to throw yourself in a situation you don't want. I know its sounds corney and square but talking to your parents about how things are so sexual these days can help put things in a better perspective.

    Also I dare say since many girls think sex makes them popular they might just be making things up sex doesn't = love either so males arn't interested in them for those reasons.
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    I'm a 27 year old male and I still haven't had sex yet. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Also, there was a thred on being asexual. Have a look at it.
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    You're fine. People mature at different rates. Sex isn't necessarily a life changer, either. After I had sex as a teenager, I felt more insecure and out of sorts, if anything.
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    Remember that when it comes to sex that 90% of teenagers are lying. :tongue:

    The percentage drops a couple of points as you get older. and what you may be lying about. But the principle is the same. Few want to admit to being "different", especially when it comes to sex (whatever different means depends on whether you are in an Amish community or a High School slut camp :laugh:)
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    Actually I read somewhere that even in these times when all you see on TV is sex that at least 20% of American women chose to remain virgins until there wedding night.
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    Sex is nothing more then reproduction. I hate how everyone glorifies it like it's some sort of amazing thing.

    In my opinion if you are too young to support a child you shouldn't have sex, if you are too stupid to care for a child you shouldn't have sex, if you don't want children you shouldn't have sex. But of course I mean heterosexual sex... all the other kinds of sex is fine. Just remember sex is simply reproduction and nothing more.
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    Yeah I guess.. but still.. don't humans have sex for pleasure? I'm not interested

    I think I'm just okay with the thought knowing I'll never have to worry about it

    No one will ever like me, so I'm safe

    It's just so weird all of a sudden finding out people so young have done it, and I think alot of them are true

    I just can't imagine it (not in that way)
  10. Hae-Gi

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    In actuality, sex should never be done for reproduction, and if the unfortunate incident of pregnancy would occur, the disgusting fetus should be aborted. The contradiction is, unfortunately, that I wouldn't exist in this world if it wasn't for reproduction, but, at the very least, people with a higher purpose must not reproduce.

    I didn't think much about sex around your age, either. I'm male, by the way. It wasn't before I was around 17-18 that it really started to occupy my mind, and today I am completely obsessed with it. However, I am as old as 27, now, and I still haven't done anything sexual, since I have been waiting for my true love, all this time, whom I've finally found. I sincerely hope you will do the same.
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  11. Robin

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    Have they reduced your medication recently?
  12. Hae-Gi

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    I'm not taking any, so no. :smile:
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    Anyone can pad your ego but it takes a friend to tell you when you are full of it. It's up to you if you accept the olive branch.