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sexual abuse as a child

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the voices are telling me it happened.
it fills me with terror.
can someone who has repressed memories before and recalled them please pm me
but not someone I will trigger a lot talking about this :(


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She keeps making images flash into my head that may or may not be real and I don't even know if they are. Wondering if anything happened is... terrifying and at the same time compelling me to know for sure...


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I would urge caution. I assume you're still manic, in which case these thoughts could very well be hallucinations. Keep this in mind, and stay safe.
I have memories..Not sure if they are real or not and only remembered them recently. It's a scary place to be, and it can drive you crazy.

I think they could be real because of other stuff that has happened, but then surely..No?..

Maybe seek professional help? Don't let them take over hun. Feel free to PM me.

Take care :hug: xx
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