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Sexual Abuse

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I think one of the main reasons in the last few years that caused my depression to continue was that in 2008 i was raped by a friend at the time that i had moved in with because of mental abuse at home. that same night i had my first drinks of alcohol which he put a date rape pill in. he raped me and i continued to stay there out of fear for 2 weeks. he made me watch horror movies and then he would reinact the scariest parts in the middle of the night he had me in tears so often finally i was able to get away when mom offered me to stay over at her house one night. i was so scared to go back but i told him that i was too far away from work and had to move back with mom ...i spent 2 months in the psychiatric ward of the hospital from paranoia, depressoin, anxiety, etc. i met a guy soon afterwards which i ended up getting prego with his son and now he doesn't want anything to do with me so my son did save my life because i am still alive i haven't killed myself yet. but it's still really hard. i guess i just need to talk to someone as i haven't been able to see a counsellor

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Hi hun i do hope in time you can report him to authorities hun only when you get the strength to do so. It will prevent him from harming others I am glad your son keeps you here hun but you need therapy okay. Talk to your mother hun tell her what happen and get some therapy to help you heal for you and for the sake of your son okay. Hugs to you
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