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    I'm a 51(nearly 52) guy with erectile disfunction. I have been single pretty much all my life. I always thought i would meet someone and have children and now i realise that this will not happen and i'm beginning to struggle find a purpose for living. As a child i was abused by a neihbour and have struggled for self esteem all my life. Although i get on well with others and try to be kind and considerate i am at the stage where i don't think i can go on without a reason and i'm not getting any enjoyment from life. I know there are many people out there
    who are in far worse situations than me and i should'nt be complaining but i am so lonely and see no light at the end of the tunnel. I also have no cartilage in both knees and every step i take is painfull so i find that although i have learned to put up with the pain i spend nearly all my time outside of work staying at home. I guess having a sexual problem has made me think i will always be alone and i find that thought very depressing. Also i'm having a hard time posting this. Just my luck i guess. :(
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    Sorry you feel like this. I just had a knee cartilage op that has left me with an infection for months and limited movement so I can empathise a bit, especially the constant pain, it makes me feel like chopping my leg off.

    I too am lonely and been single a long time. We are different in that I have never wanted children but people always try to make me feel bad about that and tell me as I am 35 my chance is running out, I really don't want any but understand people who do.

    Have you tried any decent dating sites? I am not sure if you are registered disabled but even so with your knee problem you could go on some of the disabled dating sites. I have been on a few and found really nice people, some with severe and many with mild problems of mobility but all friendly and up for a chat. People are not as gross and upfront or vulgur there and of course a lot more sensitive to any issues. You may met someone who has kids who you could end up being a father figure, or adopt etc. You may meet a woman your age who also wanted kids but couldn't or never did have any and you will find you complete eachother and get lots of puppies or cats to be parents to. My cats are my babies and give me a real feeling of purpose, to give them comfort and happiness in a world full of animal cruelty, I only wish I could buy a big farm to have thousands!

    Basically I just think you could find something else to give you a feeling of purpose and look forward to things you can do not back at what might have been. Just think of all the lack of wrinkles from not losing sleep every night due to babies waking you up, that will definitely give you an advantage on a dating site ;)