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Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Krem, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    I can be aroused by women, but I can't ~finish~ by that alone. I can start, but then I just need.. more.
    I'm rarely attracted to men (Although there are some delicious exceptions), and I find the average male body to be blagh, but a good-looking penis arouses me like little else.

    Am I stuck with shemales and futanari pornography? The smooth, fine-haired body of a woman, but with a man's brain (Not being sexist) and a man's genitals.. That seems to be the only single thing that works.

    I can see myself being with a girl, but not actually having sex with her. Pleasuring her, sure, cuddling her while naked, but actually having sex with them just.. doesn't interest me. Breasts do nothing for me, either.
    I can see myself having sex with a boy, but holding hands and being romantic with them, I can't really see it. (Except for specific examples; really femine guys, crossdressers, and older men for whom I'd be more of a pet.)

    So.. if my best option, as I see it, is to find a shemale to date, how the hell do I find one? Seeing as I find promiscuity off-putting, to say the least, the "normal" places where one would go don't seem to be all that effective for me.. Just flirt with girls until I find one with a penis? :dry:

    Or, perhaps, need I just get used to it? Has society managed to affect me so that I see homosexual males being romantic together as something 'weird' or even 'wrong'?
  2. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for a kink (or a twink!), head over to craigslist. If there's anywhere to find shemales that'll be it. And it's not all just hookups, long term relationships are formed there as well.

    Have you actually gone anywhere with either a man or a woman? Maybe you just need some actual love going on, makes anyone attractive.
  3. victor

    victor Account Closed

    where do u find a shemale?
    2 options:
    tees wine bar, turnpike lane, n8, london, united kingdom

    (no, im not into this shit for whoever ir reading this lol how do i know it? i have my story.. :D but it has nothing to do with my sexuality, so relax lol)
  4. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    "Nothing found for that search ( All words must match )." For craiglist for shemales, and only one for m4m.

    And, no, I've not. Still a virgin, if I dount count experimenting as a 10 year old. :p

    Hell, I don't actually have a friend in my entire country. There are two people whom I knod at when I see them, that's all.

    Hooray for a population of 300K. :dry:
  5. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Oh... I thought you were UK. Craigslist is highly variable depending on the location :\

    Well, in that case, I think what you should try to do is not worry about sex and start dating a woman. That might be the best plan in any case, really. You're more comfortable with romance with women, and sex isn't everything - companionship counts for a whole lot.
  6. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    That I have very little respect for most women, and get incredibly protective of them if I care about them, might hinder me.. Plus, I want someone to cuddle with and spend the night with.. :3
  7. victor

    victor Account Closed

    i dont mean to be mean but thats fucked up as it can be im afraid
  8. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    Which part, and how so?
  9. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    I have a suggestion. How about a female with a realistic 'strap-on?' ;)
  10. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    I think maybe... you are focusing too much on the aspects of a partner that you *think* you would like without having actually experienced much of the sex/relationship stuff yet.
    Get what I mean?

    Sometimes we don't like things until we actually get to experience them-- sometimes experiencing them helps to clear up any confusion we might have had and sometimes the experience magnifies confusion... but in most cases, I think that getting out there and trying everything (not all at once, mind you...) would help you to figure out how you feel/what you like and what direction you should look for in the case of a serious sexual partner.
  11. victor

    victor Account Closed

    well, to be completely honest, pretty much all of it but especially having 'very little respect for most woman'
  12. feathers

    feathers Well-Known Member

    Find a transsexual dating website.