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Sexually assaulted

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by toffeekitten, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. toffeekitten

    toffeekitten Well-Known Member

    I was sexually assaulted by my ex boyfriend on tuesday! :'(
    I have thought long and hard about reporting him and decided to leave it for now, but I have it to hold over him for the future.

    I'm posting because I'm a complete mess, and I feel really really depressed all the time since it happened..is this normal?! I also keep having flashbacks and can hardly sleep in my room because of it....help please?? :'(
  2. moko

    moko Active Member

    Nobody deserves to be sexually assaulted. It is normal for you to feel lost, depressed, guilty, dirty...but you don't have to feel that way because you didn't do anything wrong.
    Reporting him could be his salvation: it could made him realise his wrongs and it could prevent other woman like you getting hurt. It's your decision but I would advise that you talk to someone you trust and report him.
    *hug* for you
  3. toffeekitten

    toffeekitten Well-Known Member

    thank you xx
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