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Sexually frustrated to the Nth degree

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Haha. I totally get that right now.
I stopped taking meds a week or so ago and having my sexual drive back is driving me nuts!
Taking my digits for southern migration isn't much better either.
What is "taking your digits" and why are you migrating south?

That's sounds really interesting.
I wouldn't be frustrated at all f I was so interesting.

You have it on the go,on the up.Sounds like you are going places? :)


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Haha. My digits refer to my fingers heading south for relief, which admitedly isn't providing much relief.

I wish things were so good. My dr will go mad when he hears i've stopped taking them but after three years on max dose and no change, i figured it was worth a try :s Not sure of outcome as of yet lol


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I've got so much pent up sexual energy that the next time a girl touches me I will literally explode. up until a couple of years ago I had sex multiple times in a week, but then it stopped abruptly and I haven't had any since. as I explained to one of my friends the other day, it is way more frustrating than being a virgin, because I know what I'm missing. :(
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