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  1. Kaos General

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    I dont know if this belongs her or not but hey ho.

    Ive noticed some very shocking things on here recently from members who seem to think its alright to say shit about the monitors and admins. Certain members on this site need to recognise at one time or another all the admins and monitors joined this site with exactly the same problems and intentions as the rest of us and guess what, they still do. So before you start abusing them and saying shit about them think about why they joined. Just because they have something next to their name does not mean they are super human.

    They volunteer to run the site and essentially are still members like the rest of us with real serious problems like the rest of us. So please give them a break when they are trying to talk about their problems too. Its supposed to be about support, not just normal members but everyone who run the site too.
  2. absolution

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    I second that...
  3. Dragon

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    Thank you, Wayne :)
  4. Kaos General

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    Not a problem :)
  5. toffeekitten

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    I third it!!
  6. ZombiePringle

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    I fourth it? or maybe its just easier to say I agree.
  7. ballinluig

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    :bubble:eek:k il 4th it!!! cheers wayne, well said xx:laugh:
  8. Abacus21

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    Thank you :)
  9. Dubstepper

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    ty Wayne
  10. TJ

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    thanks wayne well said :)
  11. KittyGirl

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    I was thinking the same thing, you know?
    But I think that the reason they're given a tough time by some people is partially because of some people's hatred or fear of 'authority' < since admins hold more power than they do...

    I don't know...
    I'd rather not say anything about another member at all- if it isn't positive. We're all kind of fragile. It would hurt me alot to see someone else on SF write anything bad about me.
  12. nobodyandeverybody

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    agree with this; sorry platinumwings

  13. gentlelady

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    Thank you for understanding.
  14. jabooty

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    actually i do have something to say about this..

    altho i agree with most of what you said. With power comes responsibility...and how they handle that responsibilty. They became admins for a reason. You would think that with their tenure, that they can atleast give ppl some valueable advice and that is what is lacking by a good majority of them! I understand that they may have their own problems, but there are others with problems as well...again not sure if my other post got approved or not...(im on restrictive duty) emotes, keep talking, and other short one line answers are really doing anyone any good! i would thiat they would take the additional responsibilty and again with their long tenture would have more valuable advice to give!

    just my opinion! take it for whats its worth...
  15. WildCherry

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    Advice can be helpful, but people also need to know that they're being listened to, heard, and understood.

    I'm a person who doesn't always have advice to offer, mainly because I haven't experienced similar situations to many people here. But sometimes people need to know that someone cares, or will listen and offer support. Those are things I can do. Advice is good, but it's not everything.
  16. gakky1

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    Good response WC,:cool: I've only been here for 2 months but I agree with everything Wayne and the rest said, not an easy job at all keeping a site like this up. You're always going to find a few bad apples out there:sad: but it's like that everywhere, I say thanks for having this site and the good job it does, know it's been helping me.