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SF Christmas Card Thread!


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Who wants a Christmas Card?


Some people love Christmas, some hate it and some are completely indifferent. Regardless, it can be a great time to receive something in the mail to brighten up your day and add a little joy into your home!

If you'd like to receive a Christmas card from me (not SF) then please let me know so I can get onto it asap! Just privately inbox me with your contact details and I'll be more than happy to post you one out!

Obviously this does require giving out your address to me - but only me. I'll be deleting all contact details once I've sent out your card so it won't be stored anywhere.

Now, I realise that it's only the beginning of October, but I'll need to send all cards out by November 1st. International mail usually takes 4-5 weeks during the regular year so come November, it'll probably be anywhere between 6-8 weeks! Eek!

I'll need to do the Canadian people first (because it takes even longer!) Then US, UK and Europe. Asia and Australia/New Zealand won't take as long (hopefully!) so I can post them after November 1st.

I don't want to tag anyone to ask if they want a card from me (lol) but I bought about 30 of them today and I'm ready to get started!
If more than 30 people want cards then I'm definitely happy to buy more to send them out to people who wish to receive one.

Take good care of yourselves everyone. Let's get through 2020 together and hope for a much better, brighter and prosperous 2021 *hug ox♡ox



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This is now a "general" SF Christmas Card Thread! A few members have already expressed an interest in sending their own Christmas cards out to others.
Here is the current list (which I'll update as needed) of the members who want to send YOU a Christmas Card and share in some joy and holiday spirit!

Members who are posting Christmas Cards out -

@Witty⭐️Sarcasm ⭐️
• If you have any questions or want to tag other members who you think might be interested in sending or receiving cards, then please reply here :) ox

• How to inbox/start a conversation with me or any other members on the list above

Thanks again everyone and let's make the most out of 2020! *stars
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You already have my information, but you know I'm game for a Christmas card!

I'm also sending Christmas cards! If you would like one of my hand made cards, PM me your address.

If you want to be part of the group I send cards too throughout the year, please let me know. If you do not want to be part of the group I send cards to throughout the year I will delete your address once the Christmas cards have been sent.
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