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SF Eternal Chat Thread

I've been thinking of making a thread like this for a while. Some folks can't access SF chat for technical reasons, and some of the other chat threads here seem to be theme-based, or just don't stay active long-term. So maybe this will actually become an eternal chat thread, or not. We'll see.

There are a couple of obstacles

1. There's nothing that I actually feel like talking about

2. I'm too lazy to tag anyone

3. I don't know if there should be any rules or themes or anything like that.

Maybe someone who is less lazy than me can take over

Please note, this thread has absolutely nothing to do with Jim's Cafe
Oh damn it, there's three obstacles. That's more than a couple. Unless you'd like to stretch the meaning of the term "couple". I said there was a couple at first when I just listed two obstacles, but then I thought of a third, lol. Now I can't edit. I hate when there's zero edit window for posts. I also hate it when there's only like a 10 minute edit window for posts.

Sad Elf

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@may71 Great idea !! do we need a theme ? Or could we go with random thoughts, events.

I had an embarrassing moment yesterday. I was leaving the house and remembered I had left something upstairs. Leaving the front door open I ran upstairs, just got to my bedroom and heard a bell tinkling. Thinking it was a cat that lurks outside, I ran the down shouting shoo shoo and waving the closest thing to hand ( a towel). when I got to the door I realize it wasn't a cat, but the post last with a Christmas hat that had a bell. Thankfully she thought it was hysterical, it needless to say I felt like a proper twit !!

Anyway back to the matter in hand, I will tag a few people and try and get us started. @SillyOldBear @Aurelia @Walker @JDot .


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I've got... lots of ideas ~~~ but like Jack Nicholson (in The Shinging); "no good ones!" ;)
So, I'll just here in this vacant room, and keep hammering away on this type writer here (oh! if you guys could only hear the "echos?")
Unless, of course... those are just all in my head! :D What's on the adgenda to-day?,? Well, let's see first up is a run over to the 80 car deep drive thru line wrapped around the block and through the parking lot, making almost nice / neat - perfect "figure 8's!" for some Starbuck's. . . Oh, Thank Heaven! (; heaven help me_ ;) when you call my name. it's like a litttle prayer; .... (i wanna Take YOU there!) in the midnight /or tis' morning here: but still dark, so maybe that counts? I once had a friend, who when in graduate school for something in the health sciences out in Los Angeles, provided me with her theory, or feeling, when a given day or night actually, or officially, in her mind and eyes, came or comes to an end. And that is when(ever) she goes to bed. So, in other words, if it's 4 am on a Wednesday, It's really only the end of Tuesday for Her! Yes, "Doctor?" What's up, doc! ;) And in tthose dayz: the end, or home stretch of her veterinarian progarm, she was spending a lot of late nights on the horn (phone) with me, talking about all sorts of conversational stuff. For a smart person, and she's as scientifically smart as anyone I've ever met, she's kind of goofball, or clutz, in her everyday ordinary life. Despite her athletic capabilities. I remember trying to teach her tennis one summer, that was an "experience!" :D And it was weird, because out of anyone, or everyone, she seemed to enjoy most, me playing and singing songs with my guitar over the phone late at night. She'd always be putting requests in, and things like that... "I want to hear some--Man Who Sold the World (Bowie version, which I had not even heard at the time; we're talking like 2009? '10! ;)"
Again, what were we talkking abobut here? Ah, yes! I very much like and am interested in the title. This is good. Who can provide some discussion, or a dissertation (sp?) of sort,s on physcial chemistry (or p-chem, if you'd prefer?)? @Auri ! Perhaps...:) no, that may be Beneath, her! ;) Anwya, what I was starting to say before I got so rudely interrupted by, oh I dont' know, my-self. . . :D is that I've got to go to the doctor later this morning, after the egg nog latte` of course, and not a minute moore, or before! So, when i come back, I guess I can sing: (I went to the doc-tor, & guess - what he told me // guess, waht he told me?!?!) if I don't, or do not, it isn't or is not, because I've "forgotten!" It's in all liklihood or probablilty, that he'd decided to "lock him (me) up! And throw away the key..;)" We'll see you next year, then Jay-C! (; Oh, no you won't remember who you are after this experience, I can promise you taht! ;) WEell, perhaps over time, eventually ... slowly some of that MAY Come Back; at least, that's what we tell those in your shoes (who have the abliity to say, "No!") to get them to change their minds. It's not unethical if it's in their (or our budget's from an economic sense standpoint) interest! "the patient first!" that's our motto ~ & like most motto's, full-of-it!!! ;) that being: hogwash! :)
Take ONLY. What you NEED! To-"survive!" (spaceballs..;))


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I found chat a bit hard. I'm not good at typing fast on a screen.... it's me age lol!
But writing a post seemed too self centred so I've really just hovered in and out of chat and watched other folks conversations.
I love your zany self conversation @MisterBGone ... though its nor really self conversation cause you were talking to us.

I've been to see my Therapist this afternoon. I didn't go but I found myself there all of a sudden in floods of tears. Then she told me they were really worried and wanted me to go into hospital. I said absolutely not thence spent an hour discussing it.she let me leave but I am sat here in the dark terrified someone will turn up with section papers :-(

Well that's sort of been my day so far!!!

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