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Let’s make this happen. I just added to the fund again :cool:

I ended up here because the (anxiety) forum I used to get support from is dying (thanks to the admins abandoning it). I was in a bit of a bad mental place after a car accident in November so I went on a forum-joining spree. This place has “won” hands-down.

But the important thing is this: The reason I originally stayed on the anxiety forum was it had an app. I installed it on my phone and for about a year I just logged on and read posts when I was anxious and it helped. It helped more than I imagined — just knowing I wasn’t the only “freak” who sometimes had trouble leaving the house or found it hard to get out of bed. Anxiety and depression thrive on isolation and this little app alleviated some of that for me.

I also have a teenage daughter and that generation have had apps since they could work an iPad. So from a marketing perspective (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing) an app makes a whole lot of sense to grow the webpage.

Another thing.. With sadness I heard of a girl in the year below my daughter at school who took her own life several years ago. She was only 15yo or so. Just maybe, if she’d had an app on her phone like SF hopes to create, she’d still be here.

If you donate you get the cool yellow “SF Supporter” banner under your avatar. That alone is worth a few dollars ;)

Here’s the link: https://www.suicideforum.com/donations/sf-mobile-app-development/
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