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SF not working

Innocent Forever

Still innocent!
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Just checking - it wasn't only me who couldn't get on last night around 12pm/am GMT, yeah?
I've had it before but always thought it was me but now I couldn't get on both on my laptop and on my phone. I'm not sure though if maybe my phone was a google browser too

Innocent Forever

Still innocent!
SF Supporter
My internet sometimes causes me issues *hug
I couldn't get on both on my mobile and on my laptop. Using different internet sources (wifi box vs mobile data) which is why I was wondering if it was me or not. If it were just my laptop or just my mobile it would've been obvious. Plus I could browse other stuff..... I couldn't get onto my own blogsite, but could use wordpress, could use gmail etc.


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I just know at times if switch my phone to not connecting to the internet I can get things working again I *dunno i am not the best with computers

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