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    Title shamelessly stolen from Ruby, who takes full credit for that one.

    I have a fucking hard time believing that SF is a support site. I have gotten flamed, and, in some cases, banned. Completely unfairly. I might have thought that the powers who be actually looked at what they were doing. Maybe they do, maybe they don't, but it certainly doesn't apply to me.

    One time a member came in and starting talking about suicidal thoughts. Fine, I feel for them, but I was getting depressed when I was in a good mood before while this member was talking about these things. So I politely asked them to take it to a new room. I was BANNED.

    Okay, so I'm banned. I decide to appeal this. An administrator stated that "we do NOT turn people away". Fair enough, though this seems rather harsh to BAN me when I POLITELY REQUESTED he move it to another room. So while fairly annoyed at this point, there isn't much more, is there?

    No, there's a lot fucking more. So in my initial appeal I thought I remembered something. Might be a hunch, who knows?

    And there it was. THE RULES STATED that the chat lobby was PURELY for social chit chat.

    Thank you to an administrator for not knowing your own rules.

    Ah, it does get worse. Don't worry, I do tend to ramble on.

    After finding said passage where it states that chat lobby was purely for social chat and no serious discussions, I PMed the admin in question with the passage.

    The admin attacked me further by "so kindly quoting the rules" (what else are the rules for?) and repeated "we do NOT turn people away". I had to kiss ass to get unbanned and say "i won't do it again". So much for rules.

    There's more of this. I do not want to sit here and type out more examples. Suffice to say that there is more stupidity on SF than needed.

    I might as well just leave this website permanently. Anything I do, even breathing, will probably get me kicked from chat. And I'm sick of it. Thank you.
  2. ybt

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    PS, don't get me wrong. i think the mods and admins do an amazing job for what they do most of the time.
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    We all know that no system is perfect, be it governmental, educational, military, or web site. All any of us can do is learn from mistakes that we - or others - may have made so we don't repeat them. That, and evaluate what led to the mistake initially.

    I respect you for standing up and saying you think parts of the system are flawed in terms of this being a "support site." It's just that I think we all could stand to give a little leeway b/c no one can make the right call 100% of the time. As far as I can tell, being a mod is like being a World Cup referee -- no matter what you do the call is gonna be questioned more often than not.

    Personally, this site has been a HUGE help for me and I know it's been a huge benefit to others. As far as my personal experience goes it's a true 'support site' in every sense of the word. I even like these discussions. If there are problems nothing can be done until people stand up and say what they feel those problems are. Maybe it'll lead to a change for the better where it's warranted.
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    You're now unbanned from chat, and you have been for a few days, without incident from us, and from you.

    You've followed the rules, thus you've not been kicked or banned since you were unbanned.

    We do as fair a job as we can, and yes, we do make mistakes - everyone does, but these sorts of threads just bring everyone down.

    Also, why make it public, why not post your grievances into the Letters to Management forum, and just stirring up problems, rather than allowing the staff to properly discuss the problem, which it will be if it's placed in the Letters to Management forum.
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    I am sorry you feel discriminated against ybt. I was not in chat on the night you are referring to, but it sounds as if you were given warning about your subject on more than one occasion. I know it is hard to gauge each others feeling, but usually if asked to stop the reason is valid. In the future, please take care of complaints of this nature in the letters to management thread so the issue can be raised and discussed by staff. Thank you for your cooperation Alex. It is much appreciated. :hug:
  6. Sa Palomera

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    :grouphug: Grouphug all

    and :hug: special hug for the lovely Alex :hug:
  7. smackh2o

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    If youre in a suicidal chat room there is a strong possibility that you are going to hear things about suicide regardless of chat rules. At the end of the day its what the site is set out to help.
  8. ybt

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    if you're implying that i'm wrong i don't understand where you're coming from. "regardless of chat rules" should not exist, after all why should they then have them in the first place?
  9. sadsong

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    The chat rules have been reworded partly as a result of this situation and partly as a way to change the attitude in chat that has occured recently. This situation should not occur again.
  10. smackh2o

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    I'm just reiterating what what SeemsPerfect said that systems arn't perfect and sometimes it is impossible to avoid circumstance without damaging one part of the system for another. If you think you can set out a fairer system that works then it would be good for everyone if you posted your ideas on the forum so they can be taken into consideration but right now the rules are not going to be rigid because it evidently doesn't fit all the clientel of the site, and if that is the case then complaints are going to be rampant on both sides because you can't make everyone happy, unfortunatly.
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    yeah f
  12. ~Nobody~

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    It's 100% right not to turn people away.

    You have to understand, ybt, that what is a 'polite request' in your mind might come across as being very hurtful and unhelpful to the person who is actually suicidal.

    Regardless of the mood I am in I would always rather people came to me for help than felt they had to suffer in silence. That's what we all must do, especially people like us. We have to stick together and be there for each other. It's the only way any of us have a hope in hell.

    And if that means sacrificing a happy mood for an evening and doing my best to be there for someone who need me, then I'm all for it.

  13. on my own

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    I agree with Alex on this one, I have had the same problem too. though I tend to PM the person helping to ask if they can take it to a private room... last time I did that I got called names and the person in question saying I'm being selfish; yeah, excuse me for being triggered sometimes.

    it's always the same people getting yelled at, we all know that some people get in trouble earlier than others around here. nobody needs to deny that, it's been admitted by certain staff members. ester and alex are the examples on that one, I'm probably an example of that. rules are only there when it's in favor of the staff and their friends, but never when it's just another random member, or when it's somebody that's labeled a 'trouble maker'. the definition of trouble maker in this context is: "States their own opinions and points out flaws in the staff".

    I'm getting kinda tired of people constantly starting fights over nothing. I's always the same people and let me tell you one thing: It's not any of the ones being labeled 'trouble makers', unless they get rebellious because the only way for them to get something done IS being like that. you have any idea how frustrating it is that some people always get the blame for everything? damn, when I'm cheerful I better not show up in chat, I'll get yelled at for being random, I get yelled at for being cheerful, I get yelled at for having my text fucking green. IT'S BEEN GREEN FOR LIKE FOREVER NOW! I never heard anybody bout it till last week when people started bitching bout it. I'm getting yelled at lately for everything I do. and seeing this post, I'm obviously not the only one. just look who's under mod again.

    somebody actually LISTEN to alex, the kid has some damned good ideas
  14. Sa Palomera

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    I agree with mick.

    I mean come on. I know I'm labelled as "troublemaker" and I know that's my own fault really but COME ON!
    I whack mick in chcat for fun and get kicked. I say something backwards and get kicked cos it's "not english". What's wrong with being random and having fun.
    Yes it's a depression forum, but does that mean we're not allowed to randomly yack around at all? you CAN just ask to take it to another room but no. let's immediately kick some people.
    whereas others just can do whatever they want and meh it's okay.

    Tonight was the perfect example once again. I won't name names but:
    I make a room, get being bitched at for apparently "making fun" of people. fine, whatever.
    Then also someone makes a shitload of triggering rooms over the past week. I kindly ask if they could please change the roomname and I get a "why?" so I say "cos it's triggering" and they refuse to change it until a moderator finally does something about it. I would have been kicked. But they didn't.
    Then they get all bitchy start messing with ignore calling names, of course I wasn't the nicest person then too, cos I get annoyed with the fact that when I'm in a crisis and I get like that I get banned from chat and the forum. And this person in question didn't. So I say something about that and all I fucking get it "someone's in a crisis and we all sometimes act out then" or something along those lines.
    And everything's okay.


    /end rant.

    and I'm sick of people being treated unfairly. I'm not even talking about myself here. I even kindly requested to be banned permanently cos I obviously am no good to this site at all. I have other places I could turn to in case I get banned. so I dont see why I aint getting fucking banned. it's for the best interest of the entire site.

    and why tf is alex under mod?

    I completely agree with mick and I'm getting angrier every fucking day about this entire "issue".
  15. hey :( I remember when chat used to be such a great place - the 'regular' people there really just enjoyed each others company. I haven't been into chat for - well - I don't know how long - I am guessing a year. But I just think that if chat makes you angry or frustrated - well - then don't go in there. I think that bringing the disharmony from chat onto the open forum is not the greatest idea as it could start creating increased tensions here too.

    Please guys - if you don't like chat - don't use it - that way things should calm down again. And if this carries on - you won't have the option of using it anyway - as it WILL be removed - which would be a shame when thinking back to how it used to be :(

    Please don't attack me for saying this :( I would say this to anyone - and indeed one of my good friends has posted above - so yea - just my thoughts.