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  1. Shauna Lea

    Shauna Lea Staff Alumni

    I've heard about all the problems that have been going on around here, i've whitnessed alot of the fights about rules, popularity etc and have tried not to get too involved in any of it. I understand that people who are members on this kind of forum are very emotional but I think the last thing we need is to come to this 'safe place' and be greeted with misunderstandings and arguments. However, thats beside the point of what im posting about.

    I used to be a very regular visitor in chat and on the forums. Recently i have been feeling a bit better and my visits have become less frequent. Because of this not as many people around SF r familiar with me. Alot of people have left and alot of new ones have come and joined the 'regular/popular crowd'. When i was part of this crowd my posts were always answered very quickly and people seemed genuinly concerned. It seems now that i am not as well known around the forums my posts and what i have to say r ignored. I know that the whole popularity contest thing has been brought up b4, and i always thought it was silly but recently i have began to understand where people r coming from with this idea.

    Everyone, no matter how big or small their problem may be, deserves to be listened to and reached out to. Its so simple to reply to someones post by saying something short like i hope things work out for u in the not to distant future. Every small bit makes a difference!

    I think that because on this site we r surrounded by people who r suffering from depression we tend to downgrade it a bit. I mean on SF for someone to talk of being suicidal is normal to us, but we need to take one step back and realise what they r really saying. My time away from the sit has made me realise this....we get to used to listening to people rant about their problems and in the end it all ends up sounding the same....this is so wrong! I wish that everyone would take a minute to think about this and reassess the way they conduct themselves around here because as a group, we have saved peoples lives in the past and i would hate to see that change! Take nothing for granted, dont get used to anything and treat each person with as much care and kindness as u would the next!...Thats what I think this site needs!
  2. kindtosnails

    kindtosnails Staff Alumni

    You are right, of course. Problem is, people can't just care about everyone equally because they're told to. You're drawn to names you recognise/people you're close to, it's human nature...i'm not saying it's not a problem, just i don't see it as fixable. And i'm speaking as a member outside of any friendship groups/cliques there may be going on. i understand what you're saying, just don't think there's a solution.
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