Sh*t (bad language)

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    Each day like this grows ever more real,
    becoming something uniquely distorted.
    Big on liquorice,
    hardened black shit.

    Tenticles and giblets,
    swaying in the bottom of the river.
    to and frow, out of my bum.
    turgid sticky, almost pleasant shit.

    rushing and gushing,
    free as the wind in our hair.
    It gets tangled in the web of hope,
    the kind of shit which reeps you in.

    all glassy eyed,
    like a bason in my mind.
    For all you fools to dine and excrete on,
    a place for all my shit.

    all holy as the grains of time,
    which science tells me is better than life.
    Well bring it on dawkins!
    I can out shit you anytime.

    Her pale glow, reminiscant of her toe,
    which i fail to kiss.
    so i miss her, it's blissful.
    Thats her shit, the worst kind of shit. Almost believable

    caviar and guiness, what an evening!
    and lobster was also input,
    this must be, oh no?
    posh shit, all hard and perfectly formed, better than me, within the storm.

    Thank God I don't have diarrhea,
    Or this poem would go on and on.
    Forever into the abyss...
    where all the losers belong
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.