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Shady/scam jobs

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Because they're the only people that seem to want me. I really don't want to work for any of them, but I'm getting desperate. Too many job rejections for so many reasons (no car, no license, references would not call back). I got an interview with a scam job tomorrow. Before that, I should probably sign up for getting people to sign petitions ($1 per signature).

I wanted to ask anyone else if they had ever worked in odd/shady jobs because they had no other choice?


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Don't do it. Jobseekers can get desperate and we can sometimes do things without thinking through. But if its a scam, you'd be a victim too.

Be steadfast.. think of alternatives (the ones that aren't the 'shady' kind). I know you may take offense to this but if there really are no options at the moment, why not join the army reserve? They teach many skills from medical to design. The only catch is that you'd have to be in the service (reserve) for three years and so they might call you for War, which we're having a plenty of nowadays... Still... I can see that once you've done your sservice you'd have a much easier time getting a job especially with the skills you've learned with whatever you took. I'm thinking of joining the reserves and taking their pharmacy program if things don't look up within the next weeks.
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um there r many shades of shady ;)

id say not go for cheaper than u r cause u r loosing on something else than, unless u find it k to exchange one issue for another
like if you have slight impression your time would be batter spent on aquiering new skills u r probably right and not worth going for mindless time wasters even for x few dollars at least thats my experience

there is this sayng: the longest road is actually the shortest , im not saing to take it like a bible but I believe it has a lot of truth in it

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The time and labor you're spending working a job that won't pay you (and where YOU lose your own money), could be spent at a minimum wage job where you only earn money, although not a lot, it's better than being a sucker.

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Please don't take a scam job. I know how painful and depressing and demoralising job hunting is, but there is a job out there for you. Firstly, you need a good CV, which accentuates all of your strengths and details all of your previous jobs, pointing out the skills you learned from them.

Then work out why you're not being offered the jobs you apply for. Are you applying for the wrong jobs? Maybe you're actually over-qualified for the jobs you're applying for? What about the jobs where you really won't need to drive, even to get there? And think about who would make a more reliable reference (of course, this isn't possible if one has to be your most recent employer, as in the UK).

Also, are there any services like the British Job Centre which could help you find employment? And can you maybe join a temping agency (don't know if that's a British term, sorry)?

Personally, I would do the petitions thing while I look for a proper job, because at least it's honest and fair work.



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No minimum wage job will hire me though. :(
What sort of basic work are you looking for?

Dodgy work is.. ok. But it creates an irregular income pattern, you can't use any references, .. tax trails go blank ect.
Plus the fact of what you are doing.
Are you meaning you are going to be a part of scamming people? :( There's more than just financial and legal issues with this, it's what you are doing to yourself.

:( maybe some people here can help point you in some directions for work.


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I forgot about this, and I apologize.

I've applied to retail, restaurants, and clerical. Even some marketing and housecleaning. No luck.

I don't like to scam people. But I need a job, for money and to distract myself from the current problems I'm having.

Oh and @Madam Mim, I'm actually American.


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I'm sorry to hear so many are getting put under the bus by employers. The same thing is happening here in Utah. It's ugly no matter where you go. No one is hiring. Have you applied at your local call center?

That may be an option.


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Don't take the scam job.. You could end up with a black mark on your resume or even worst end up being arrested..Try your local unemployment office and ask if they have any day labor jobs that come up.. When I lived in New York thats what I did..They pay you cash when your done for the day..Most of my jobs were unloading tractor trailors..It's hard work but it's honest..


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We have staffing agencies, and I applied to nearly all of those. They all said they'd get back to me if they find something. Still waiting, but I'll follow up.

It's not that no one is hiring, it's that I'm not the ideal candidate...anywhere. The call center? I may have applied to a few, but I'll look again. Thanks. :)

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I'm glad you've applied to the agencies. Definitely chase them up, they'll know you're serious and make more of an effort to help you. The call centre is a good idea too.

Just don't lose hope. You will find a job.



Stop blaming everyone else for your failure! I am not saying this to be mean , But as tough love. I have two kids and if they were down I would say the same thing. YOU are the only one that controls your life.
If you don't like what is going on only YOU can change it! You want to hear real problems?
Try being a single mother who is a recovering alcoholic not eating for days at a time so your children can eat, living in a homeless shelter walking 28 blocks through the murder capitol of the United States at 6 in the morning just to get her kids to school on time!
That was me, blaming the world. Once I took responsibility for my situation, I went back to school to get a degree, stopped drinking (three years sober) I have a job working at my daughters school, and will graduate this semester.
We now have a stable home, and I am now a published author. Pick yourself up and change your reality! You know, when I look back at all the work I have done to improve my life, I realize that it was more fun than hard.
Oh, and one more thing... Pray for nothing but WISDOM.
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