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    I think it would be fair to say I've had a pretty crap set of experiences in my life so far, mentally ans physically abusive dad, partners, miscarriges, are jut a few of the things I could mention.

    So after a very rocky start and 3 children, imagine my amazement when I met who I thought was the man of my dreams. I knew his father was very dominant. But my partner was not ready to admit to the full extent.

    Anyway to cut a long story short, we have been very happy for 12 years until he had a car crash almost 4 years ago, which left us unable to have a normal physical relationship. I woud like to point out he's not 'seriously' injured, but will procrasinate beyond belief about getting help. I eventually broke down a couple of months ago and told him the effect it was having on me. He then said he was sick of the 2 older children arguing and left. That was 2 months ago, he has emotionally shut down and won't discuss the relationship at all. I lost both of my parent to cancer within a 12 week period, and had an ectopic pregnency all in the past few years. The trust I had in this man is shattered. I have attempted suicide in the past, but this time really feel like enough is enough, I want peace.
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    Hi honey and a warm welcome to SF :) I am sorry that life has dealt you such cruel blows hun - have you consulted with a doctor to see what professional help there is available? I hope you do find some ideas which will help you here on SF and that the support and encouragement will contribute to help you through. Life's trials can be turned around with care, insight, support and friendship - please feel free to PM if you'd like :)
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