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  1. DarkKnight09

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    I've been getting better. Been feeling better. Finally working again and making new friends. then all of a sudden out.of nowhere I'm back to.being me. Depressed and not knowing why. Googling die. Trying different pills to see if one will make me sleep and never wake up. I'm not trying to die but im not aiming to live. It's an awkward battle in my mind. And I.don't.know which side will live. My therapist help. my girlfriend don't understand. I Have nowhere to turn. I'm scared I'm going to act.on impulse one day.and that thought makes me both happy and sad.
  2. scaryforest

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    when you were feeling better, what helped you feel better
  3. total eclipse

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    what triggered this depression hun you can be happy y ou know that so do those things that help before ok and if your therapist is not helpful then get a new therapist ok hugs
  4. lautanner

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    I do that too. I google ways to die. Are you on medication? It's the only thing that calmed me down.