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  1. I think the name Shattered would be more appropriate than Broken, though there is no point for me to request a name change here now. Anyways, I want to explain why I am shattered. I haven't been doing well lately, except for brief moments where there have been girls around me who have been flattering me with all of the "I love you's", etc. I've also had alot of support from men who have been giving me advice and hoping for the best for me. I appreciate the friendship I have received. As far as the girls who have told me they love me, with the exception of one person whom knows who they are (with the adorable dog), the others have been hurting me so much with all of the fighting, etc. I never even felt this much stress when I was broken up by Cynthia, and that was difficult enough. Anyways, you asked me if I loved Cynthia more than you, well, I ask you, have you given me a reason not to love her more than you? Have you talked with me to comfort me when I have been depressed, more than an occasional mere obviously meaningless "I love you" (by the way, I am not questioning your love or your emotional feeling toward me, I'm stating what I feel). I think there is too much pain here in this situation. I've been told too many lies, and that is something Cynthia probably didn't do to me, at least she didn't lie to cause me pain. I don't wish to compare you both with her, though at least one of you have tried to figure out how my feelings are for you both compared to how they are to her, and that is unfair of you. I want you to know this, and everyone on SF to know, because I am thanking them for being supportive of me through this mess. I am ridiculous, I know. I got into relationships that I can't deal with. I suppose I'm not deserving of that. If I was, then Cynthia wouldn't have left me. Anyways, on a positive note, my friend who lives near me is a wonderful person, She has been supportive of me throughout several difficulties in our lives, even between us. She supported me while I was in the ER, she has been supportive of me throughout all of my suicidal issues, and she has counseled me through all of these painful relationships by giving me honest, straightforward advice, even adding some funny remarks which cause me to laugh. LR, you are a wonderful person, and I thank you for everything.

    Besides all of this, I'm going to continue to listen to this amazing song which describes my life, wondering if anything will pull me up somehow.
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    Kurt, you know you can always email me if you're in need of support and if I'm around on MSN or in chat, feel free to nudge me. I'm here for you, mate :hug: :hug:
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    have a good trip on monday..
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