she almost died infront of me. . .

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  1. TJ

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    last night my mate got really drunk and then took a massive OD and cut herself to the bone , i went in the ambo with her and half way to the hosp we had to stop as they were losing her she almost died in-front of me , she had enormous seizure and the meds they gave her for that weren't helping , all i could do was sit and watch as she was slowly going , luckily back up came (another 2 ambos) and they managed to stabilize her enough to carry on our trip to the hosp. what should have been a 5 min emergency ride took 40 mins .

    all this on-top of everything else im going thru at the moment just seems to much to handle . my sponsor leaves town on Wednesday , my key worker where i live leaves on Wednesday, my P doc leaves end of next week and my case manager is due to change as Ive finished the therapy program i was in so i have to change case managers.

    im so over hurting and being hurt , im so over not being able to do things that i want to do and getting stuck because i self harm or do something that isn't good for me

    im over losing my friends maybe its time to just cut everyone off
  2. Terry

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    Good grief, that must have been scarey :eek:hmy:

    You did good! you got her help and she will survive, THANKS TO YOU!

    Hold on to that thought :hug:
  3. Acy

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    :arms: I'm sorry you had to see all that. It had to be frightening for you. I'm glad she survived. Your call saved her life - you did wonderfully!
  4. Sadeyes

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    This is so awful, but please do not lose sight of those who care about you...this is the time when you need the have faced such overwhelming challanges and have conquered so many things...hold on to that and to those who really do want to be there for you
  5. Tea_at_Four

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    Oh, you were strong in helping your friend! I know it's hard to not be able to do anything, but that's what the pros needed you to do in that ambulance, right? You let them do what had to be done, and would have done anything they asked for a hand with, yeah? Keep taking care of yourself, too. *hug*
  6. Concrete_Angel

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    You have been soo BRAVE!!! *hug you inspire me by what you have been through!It really does sound like you are going through a hard time at the moment and im sorry!! :( you dont deserve it at all.. but surely theres some postitive to come? Youve got to hold on to ewhat positive there is and hopefully you'll pull through! x Hope thigns get better for you :)
  7. thedeafmusician

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    that would have been HORRID to go through but you gotta remember if it werent for you she wouldnt be here. and that is amazing. :hug:

    youre a wonderfully strong person, you know that?

    you know where i am if you need me. :hug:
  8. TJ

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    thanks guys ,

    i don't feel strong at all as its ended me up in respite and they decide what to do with me today , Ive been here all weekend and my mood hasn't changed , i kinda feel like if im gonna be like this im better off at home, at-least ill have my cat.

    i just don't know what to do anymore