She Broke my Heart

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  1. It hurts so much. She was the greatest thing that happen to me now its all over. I loved her so much and yet she did this to me. She was the reason why I kept holding on. She gave me a reason to live again and I have nothing now. She was the first and only person I have ever loved and yet she did this to me. I honestly thought she was the one, but alas she found another who was better then me. It hurts so much and the whiskey isn't helping me feel any better. My heart was literally just torn out of my chest and now I have nothing in life anymore.
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    I'm sorry. Being heart broken is one of the worst feelings and the only thing that can heal that is time. Well, if you let it, but if you dwell on it then you're not going to be able to get past it and I'm terribly sorry that it had to happen to you.

    :/ I hope you'll find someone, but in the mean time if you need someone to talk to you can always PM me.