She Died Of A Broken Heart

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    She loved him but he couldn't care less
    He just liked the way she looked in a dress
    He broke her heart; tore it in two
    Now she's 6ft deep he don't know what to do.
    This is the story of a little girls life
    He broke her heart so she took a knife
    She cut out her heart and threw it away
    So she wouldn't love him another day.
    She did nothing wrong but was full of guilt
    Every night and day she'd lie under her quilt
    6ft deep; they had to part
    Cause of death a broken heart

    She was stuck living life but what could she do
    She didn't want to love 'cause she loved you
    As soon a syou walked out of the door
    Her heart was broken forever more
    But you should be the one full of guilt
    You broke down the walls she built
    Made her love when she could love no more
    Broke her heart with what she saw
    It takes two to tango and you played your part
    Her tombstone says;
    She Died Of A Broken Heart
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.