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She drives me crazy angry...

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by aurora_fighter, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. I think that since last night I cannot control my anger and I cannot calm down at all!I am shouting at everyone and I cannot sleep....
    To take things from the begining,this september I started working at a new school(same where my sister works at) and I must say I was really feeling very good and possitive for a while...Until I met the secretary and she started making my life hell!!!At first she was kind and nice to me but my sister was alerting me not to be very friendly with her cause she was a twat and she could easily cause me trouble for no reason...And as stupid I am I didnt really believe it...Until she began her mean comments ....I mean not just one or two but maybe 3-4 a day!!!How can u work like that?Under these circumstances?Whatever I do she comes later and comments "You should better do this...or that....or dont do this next time....or that..." and I mean silly things not important!She calls me at home and she annoys me about stupid little things:dry: And she is just a secretary for fucks sake!!Not a teacher and she doesnt own the school!
    I was cool every single day she did it,never angry!Until yesterday....I was at the office and she sent me a boy's mother to ask me about the boy...The boy's name is the commonest male namein the country so it took me some time to realise whose mother she was but I did and I told her in few words that he is a really good student because he really is and I dont have any complain about him(I believe we shouldnt push children if they do really good,cause they get stressed and they blew it) so I said really nice words and she left....When everyone went to class she came and I knew she didnt come for good!She told me to try to say more things to parents next time,like say the same things but put more words and even sometimes to say they must try a bit more because parents like to hear it(I was like...WTF?What is the nutso saying...why to torture a little boy like that?) but I had a cool face and I agreed...then she was delaying me for class and she said she also wanted to tell me sth else...and it was like "Next time u leave a class last close the window or the A/C cause last week u forgot it and bla bla bla bla"(she has the BAD habit to keep talking about a non serious matter like that for hours as if it is the end of the world....and I also agreed politely on that too(although closing the windows and keeping the classrooms clean is her job not mine and most times other teachers have lesson after me in the same class so I cannot know when they do and when they dont!(anyway it seems this was a NEW rule cause not even my sister knew it!)...So I started getting ready for class cause she was keeping me and the students were waiting...and she said "I really dont like telling u all these but it is the begining ba bla bla bla"...so I left by saying "Its alright"
    I went to class and I was once devastated....I remember I was so angry at her that as I was teaching I wanted to burst into tears screaming!But the tip of the iceberg was when I got out of class and she came again!!!!!!!!!She asked me if I know the names of the students and I said "of course I do" and she commented about not remembering the name of that mother's boy...And so I wanted to scream at her "HE HAD THE MOST COMMON NAME HERE YOU FUCKING BITCH!HOW AM I SUPOSSE TO KNOW WHICH ONE OF THE TEN STUDENTS WITH THE SAME NAME HE IS?????????"...but I didnt and I really tried to stay calm but I have a face that everything is depicted there...even if I try to hide it I cant cause of my eyes and face!So I am sure she realised how annoyed I was!
    So my problem is that I try so hard for this job cause my personal life sucks and I dont have much things that can keep me going in this life...and that fucking whore ruins these small moments that I have every fucking day...I have reached a point where I dont wanna go to work on Monday cause I dont think my anger will have passed...I have anger issues and the last years they have become huge!I am sure one day I wont hold my anger when she "comments",I hope I dont do sth bad.
  2. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    What about telling her how you feel? not all of it, just say it really anoys you when she goes on like that.. or something, she should know, then she could stop. take care and goodluck x
  3. I dont think I can do it...I didnt mention she is married to my boses son(this is what gave her the position the secretary actually cause she didnt have the qualifications otherwise).It scares the hell out of me that she tells my boss her stupid comments.I am sure she knows it annoys me but dont know why she does it...she has caused problems to other teachers(including my sis)...I wonder how these people exist?Dont they feel bad or sth?I wish I would go on Monday and quit my job and tell her how much of a bitch she is and that I never liked her not even a bit!