She gives her heart to him

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  1. She sees him walking by
    she wants to approach him but she is just too shy,
    she gives him letters, buy him things
    if only he knew all the joy she could bring....
    She wants to talk to him and not run away
    but she doesn't know how he will react, she doesn't know what he will say...
    She is so in love with him if only he could see
    that ignoring her is only causing her more misery.....
    She finally builds up the courage to ask him out
    but he laughs at her and what she's about....
    She goes home, gets a knife and cuts herself a million times
    she doesn't know what she is doing, she's loosing her mind!
    The next day when her mother walks through the front door
    guess who she finds lying on the floor?
    It's her own daughter with a note that says "Dear Mother, he would not give me a chance and I just didn't want to hurt anymore........"
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    :hug: I've felt similar feelings.
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