She is changing so much!

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  1. The Depressed Puppy

    The Depressed Puppy Well-Known Member

    So my friend, is suddenly changing really quickly. She use to be all about natural beauty, now she has to go to expensive stores, get the best fashionable clothing, always wear makeup get up early to do her hair... this kinda bugs me not much tho.

    What really bugs me? we can't really go anywhere anymore I asked if we wanted to go tubing.Nope, no embarrassing, she will look frumpy. her hair will get wet. Heck I invited her to go the WI dells, & she didn't want to go. She doesn't eat much unhealthy things anymore, not to ne healthy, so she can lose weight. She is slowly getting her collar bone, & she wants her hip bones.

    She gets really annoyed with me now.She has al these soical networking sites, & wants more. She acts like a diff. person on these sites.

    She just changed really quickly....

    Anyone else experince this?
  2. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member

    sounds like perhaps she has some emotional pain of her own.... have you asked her whats going on and expressed concern for her?
  3. justMe7

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    Could be alot of things. But... in the end it can just be preference. I suppose alot of it depends on her age, and what she wants in life. I wouldn't go as far to assume there's any "pain" involved imo. Teens and early adults can shift in interests and lifestyles dramatically. I don't know what you can do besides continue to invite her and try to do things together. The thing is, it might not be the lifestyle for you, but perhaps it's something she's into.

    If you try to talk to her about appriorpiate weight and all the issues involved with that.. well that'll be difficult. Just don't be to pushy with it, better to be there with her and remind her she looks lovely, then to indrectly burn bridges.