she left me after a year - on vday, our anniversary...

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    my gf of a year left me on the 14th... it was our 14 or 15 month anniversary, and it was over the phone.. she said it was just best for us to move on.. i'm devestated and i just want to kill myself.. she was the thing that kept me alive...
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    I'm so sorry that she could be so cruel and end your relationship in such a casual manner. And on Valentine's Day to boot!! Have you ever sat down and told her just how much she means to you? No chance that maybe you were getting "comfortable" in the relationship and with each other. Doing the little things for each other that in the beginning seemed so dear but they have sort of slowly stopped happening? Maybe your relationship just needs a little fire lit under it? Give yourself a few days to regroup from the pain, then call her or go talk to her. But talk to each other, don't get at each other. And above all else really listen to what each other has to say. Good luck.
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    That's really sad.
    But I've seen this happen to so many people in my lifetime, and if you want the best advice I think I can give (in general), it is this:
    Please don't sit around and think too much of the break-up. Instead what helps, is to get out there or to find every dating and contact site on the Internet and start to talk to other girls. It doesn't mean that you should complain to them about what happened, it is just to view your options. Get talking to a few that you think you would like, and take it from there and see what it leads too. Just don't get into a relationship straight away, and don't come off as someone who is just on the rebound, but rather as the person you are, and hopefully you can meet someone new.

    I know it's tough. Trust me.
    But it's better to get cracking on your options than to despair. :smile:
    Hopefully you can find your own ways.
    Take care in the meantime.
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    i don't know, their are so many possibilites as to what to do...

    part of me wants to go over and tell her how much i love her but show her i have changed... it's a long ass story why she ended it, i'll explain later. not in the mood at the moment.