She left me for another guy

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    I just had my very 1st girlfriend leave me for another guy yesterday. She gave no indication whatsoever that things were bad between us. We had cute baby names for each other, I got along well with her family members. Yesterday morning she changed her status to dating him and that's how i found out. She kept bragging about him. I was devastated at first, I got drunk and was walking down the street yelling out loud to myself I'd kill the guy and I was crying and grunting I remember. Some old guy came and picked me up and I told him the whole story as much as I can remember. Then he dropped me off home cause I walked pretty far off. I went by her place to talk to her about, we argued for a while over text and she eventually told me to leave her alone and to never contact her again and she would come outside to talk to me about it. I know she was there with him cause his car was outside her place. Not even her family members that she introduced me to will talk to me. We talked so much and learned so much about each other and now it feels like she never cared about me.

    It does hurt. I don't sob about it but every now and then I hold my head down. I've been on Facebook pretty much telling random people on my friends list who went through similar things. This one girl had the exact same thing happen to her, her guy left her for someone else, and we've been sort of consoling each other. But I don't think she would want to date me. It would be nice just to hang out with someone in general, not really relationship wise I just find that when I talk to people I feel better. But I just never thought it would happen to me.

    I couldn't sleep last night. So many questions wander into my head, was this my fault, did she ever care, and then there are the thoughts of him and her together. But yes, I just felt like sharing this.
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    I am sorry this happened to you - the fact is 99% of relationships end though and particularly when young and still trying to figure out what we are going to do with our lives- people change and goals change. I am not sure it even matters how - but believe it or not it is better for a relationship to end than go stagnant and end up hating and resenting each other for years while still calling it a relationship. The pain will pass and in time will be just some memories of the better times and a lesson learned about what to look out for in future relationships.. Take some small amount of time to be sad and grieve for the loss of the relationship and then move on and find somebody more worthy of your time and love.
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    I am sorry hun this happened to you YOu can move forward ok you are grieving right now and that is normal but don't stay there long ok You get out and meet new people she made her choice so now you have to make a choice to to move forward let her go and you meets someone that will care for you and not harm you start off slow again meet with people be friends and then things will move forward ok hugs