She ruined me. Now I wanna die..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by puppetmaster zack, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. puppetmaster zack

    puppetmaster zack New Member

    Hello. Im not sure if anyones here, or if anyone cares. I just need some help and need to get this out. I know everyone just tells me to get over her but I just can't! We were together for 7 months. I was completely in love then she just left, I was depressed for weeks. I mopped around and cried basiclly for moths. I became a outcast and some weak person to everyone. Now everyone avoids me and it seems like no one cares. It dosnt help that she is always trying to still be friends and Basiclly rubbing her new better boyfriend in my face like I was never good enough. I gave everything to this girl now my life is ruined. I cant stop thinking about her and I feel horrible all the time. This pain is horrible. You all are probaly going to say that it will fade but its been 5 months! I think if the pain was going to go away by now it would have. I cant stand to feel this way anymore and I feel it will be easier to just die and it all. Any advice? Ever been thru this? I just wanna hear someone else's opion that like me. Suicidal.
  2. Kurai

    Kurai Active Member

    I can imagine how you are feeling. It has been 7 months now since I broke up with my love of 6 years and it still hurts more than any physical wound I've ever felt. I haven't really healed so much as just gotten used to her name, face or a special memory of her just randomly popping into my head. I don't think one ever gets over someone they truly loved, if they did it would just devalue that love. No, you just have to learn to deal with the pain and take what made you hurt from the relationship and make sure you never inflict that pain on someone else.
  3. puppetmaster zack

    puppetmaster zack New Member

    Thank you. Your advice helped alot. I took what you said and things are already getting alittle better.
  4. puppetmaster zack

    puppetmaster zack New Member

    Thanks. You helpes alot.
  5. BrinkOfExistence

    BrinkOfExistence Well-Known Member

    I found that the best way to get over someone is to completely cut them out of you're life no contact, not even texts or internet messages, I thought i'd never get over my ex, it took me 4 years to do so however i saw her nearly ever day over them 4 years, but as time passed i saw her less and less unfortunately i can't completely cut her out off my life but now i see her about 30 seconds a week when i pick up/drop off the kids and now i'm completely over her.
    Of course this may not work for everyone but staying friends with an ex sounds great but it's not especially when you still love them and 10 times as bad when they have a partner who you think are better than you.

    Don't put yourself through the unnecessary misery.
  6. bluevane

    bluevane New Member

    Hi. I just want to share with you that I feel what you feel.. I ended a relationship with this guy I met online like a month ago.. He has girlfriend now so I knew right then and there that it was time for me to go.. I've imagined this scenario so many times, but I guess nothing would really prepare you for the heart ache.. I cried myself to sleep everyday and I wake up crying.. I never thought that it would hurt this much.. I loved him.. It was hard to let it go.. But I also knew it was the right thing to do.. I don't want to stand in the way because I know how much he wanted this.. To be with someone, for real.. I did nothing but cry, feel miserable, I didn't enjoy the holidays at all.. I miss him.. Sometimes I wish I'd just die so the pain will go away.. Even though I have friends and family with me, I still can't help but feel that something is missing.. A void only he could fill.. And I curse every single day that I am without him.. It's crazy I know, but that is how I feel and that moment.. I thought I've given myself time to grieve, for the loss.. Sometimes I'm still hoping that we could patch things up.. But even that seems so far-fetched.. He wanted to be friends.. I don't know whether because he wants to keep me around or as a consolation for leaving me.. I wish I'm one of those people who doesn't dwell on these things and just moved on.. There's also a part of me that wants to go on living.. So I'm taking it day by day.. Hoping I'd live long enough to see my next birthday.. Or to find someone out there I could be happy with.. I don't know how long I'll be going through this.. I just keep the faith, keep believing that somehow I will overcome this and come out a better person overall.. I hope you are feeling better.. Let's not give up yet okay? =)
  7. AsphyxiateOnWords

    AsphyxiateOnWords If you're 555, then I'm 666.

    For me I've found that remembering all the times that person pissed me off and upset me helped me get over it. Write them down even, if that works better for you. But 5 months really isn't long enough to get over someone you had very intense feelings for. It took me a year or so to get over my one ex.
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