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She said it would take years.

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I hope I have the right section of the forum; I just made my account recently and am still a bit fuzzy on all this.

Anyways...I lately have been feeling suicidal. I always have, yet I've fought to stay alive for my friends and family. I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and depression. I'm on strong medications, yet they don't seem to work. I've sought help in both a neurologist and a therapist. I've talked to my sister, the only one who truly understands me.
I've been feeling shameful and guilty lately; I've lost interest in almost everything. I'm lost. My mom found out, even though I didn't want her to. Then she told my dad. They're constantly trying to keep me away from weapons and such. They overreacted. It hurts.
My mom said it would take YEARS to get my depression and epilepsy under control. I've waited so long for the meds to work. I've tried so many different kinds of medications for my depression. I haven't made any serious plans about suicide, and my therapist seems to be happy about that, however it's been on my mind too much.
Help? I don't want to die, but it's like...I feel like I have too.
hey sorry you are feeling this way

doesn't sound to me like your mom is an expert on depression, so I don't think her opinion means that much.

It's easy to get discouraged when you hear things like that, but people can say negative things with great confidence even if they have no basis.

sounds good that you are trying therapy and meds

you might want to also check out acupuncture and chinese medicine (ok, I plug these a lot)

the book in my sig might be useful to you

hope that things get better soon!

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with each person it is different depends on if meds work right away if it is chemical once meds kickin you should feel happier therapy works great too along wth meds hugs to you:hugtackles:


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Take what your mother said with a grain of salt and just work with your doctor who has the experience.

I don't know anything about epilepsy but regarding the depression, it is really such an individual thing, no one can say with any assurance how long it will take before things get better. In my case it took a few months to find the right med and then a few months more to get to the right dose. During this period i was also seeing a therapist on a regular basis to support me.

Try not be disheartened and just work towards getting better. At least now you know what the problemis, you can address the issues and move forward.

All the best.
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