She terrifies me;

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    Let’s call her Nikki

    When I first met her, I thought she was a nice girl. She had the same taste in music like me, so I thought that we would go along to be good friends as we headed out into this year as classmates. I just never thought that there would be something off.

    It started after the first week of school. She and I were both under the category of good friends and we got along during the first day of school that she started giving me hugs. They were friendly hugs, but as the year progressed, I noticed her style in hugging me were different than most hugs I receive from others. They were the type of hugs that I would expect from a guy that likes me.

    The hugs that she’ll run her fingers down your back and slowly pull away type of hug.

    I was uneasy, I didn’t like the hugs one bit. But I held my ground. I just thought that it was her way of hugging and I just brushed it off. But now that I’m thinking about it, I should’ve said something from the start. She’s been getting more and more suggestive? I think the word is?

    She started to tell me that she would like me as a girlfriend. And for one, I’m pretty open to new ideas, but when she said it, I felt disgusted and I wanted to hurry on to my next class as fast as I could. And then recently, she started feeling up my leg and I told her to stop twice, but she still wouldn’t leave me alone. I took off her hands once and pulled up my legs, but she pulled them back down (I was sitting on a counter top). I had to leave the area to keep her away from me. I was happy when she didn’t follow after me.

    Then today, I found out something horrible about her! My best guy friend’s girlfriend is the girl she’s currently crushing on. (We’ll call her Ms. A) So, Ms. A invited Nikki to her house and well, her boyfriend wouldn’t tell me much, insisting that I ask her myself but he did tell me that Nikki sexually molested Ms. A. Not only that, but she punched Ms. A in the gut FOR NO REASON at all!

    And another one of my friends (let’s call her JAYJAY) told me that it also happens during PE.

    It’s just that I’m so scared of her now that I found out about these things about all of these things. I don’t want to be around her, I feel uneasy and I feel sick to the bone whenever she touches me. I plan to tell her that I don’t want to hug her if she keeps hugging me the way she does, but I have a feeling she’ll force herself on me from the things that I found out. Any help, you guys?
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    I avoid this word usually but the girl sounds like a psycho.

    I advise youto cut her off without a second thought before she does you some terrible damage. If a man did this, probably people would go to the police easier, but she is not an except to any rule, no means no regardless of how she feels for someone!

    You could be tolerating a potential rapist and I think you should tell this girl to go to the police before she hurts somebody else, should these allegations be true.

    All the best...plase PM me if you want to talk, I have dealt with all manner of bastards who don't know what the word "no" means.
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    Your friend Nikki definitely sounds like a sexual aggresor at the very least and possibly psychotic. Cutting her off completely might not be the best idea, before she gets pissed off and comes after you in a violent manner. Maybe tell her that you need some time apart or you're just not interested in a relationship with her?