she was a special girl

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    she could have been the one

    I saw something special in her. She had a wonderful personality and was very beautiful and everything I could want. If I was in another life, another body, I would have asked her out for dinner or something and probably even get married. But I being too ugly and a boring personality like mine would have no chance. At the time I never thought of it but its only after a while I realized she was quite special. Well, at least I saved her the disappointment I would bring to her if we would have got together. A girl of her wisdom and beauty should never ever be with a loser like me. She probably is now married to some deserving man. Its just going to me be me and my ugly face until this life is over. This life is too hard for me to have relationships. Just another reminder of how rubbish my existence is.
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    Re: she could have been the one

    You are who you present yourself out to be I hope you can stop the negative self talk and start talking more positive talk about you. It is the person inside that truly counts
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    Re: she could have been the one

    I agree with total eclipse. i have seen physically very beautiful people who think they are ugly. Because they feel that way about who they are. I see some people who are so very unattractive physically. But they are not carrying around a lot of negative feelings regarding themselves. So they really are attractive to people. and appearance is never an issue re how other people value and accept them. Its all about healing the thought patterns we have about ourselves. am I saying thats easy to do? If it were. I would have done it.
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    Total Ellipse: Thank you for your reply. I am who I am and I need to accept that to move on. The thing is. I'm am not sure if I am a good person though. So I feel I don't deserve to be happy. I'm paranoid that people close to me are thinking negative things about me since I have a different personality to what they have. I want to give up on life but I can't because of mother who I don't know how she will react to my demise.

    Flowers: Thank you for your reply. Changing the way we thing is very hard. I have a fickle mind so I have to put a lot of effort into staying happy but then one thing can make me depressed then it may take days before I can recover. This usually happens every couple of weeks. I tired of certain people whether intentionally or unintentionally saying or behaving in a certain manner and bring my self esteem down.
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    Might it be an idea to also consider just concentrating on what you can do. Others words have no real meaning if you decide to not let them do so. Speaking from a number of years of receiving what could be classified as verbal abuse (my own experiences) - I wouldn't be too far from your mindset if I'd listened to every bad thing everyone else said about me.

    And of course - because the majority of people are different, be it how we look, think, feel, what our personality is etc, you are likely to have a different personality to everyone around you.

    Focus on being yourself. If others don't like it - it's their perspective, and there's no right or wrong perspective realistically given how diverse perspectives can be. But that doesn't mean you have to use their perspective as the "right one". Create your own perspective. Be who you want to be - not who others want you to be.