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    *Ignore me, no one here.*

    she makes me feel im not good enough. not good enough to help anyone. not good enough to be here. not good enough to deserve help.
    i cant explain it. it wont make sense, just feels like she's so much better than me. that everyone THINKS shes so much better than me. i cant get away from it, its everywhere i go. everyone i talk to is "****** this, **** that, ******** the other" YES, OK, I GET THE POINT.
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  3. Marshmallow

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    Shes not darling, i think i might know why you think that but shes not trust me :hug:

    Love ya x
  4. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    :hug: sammie, ty

    hmmmm vikki, no commment
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    :whack: I should know

    no argue :tongue: :hug:
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    ask anyone else and they would agree.
    theres things i cant say on here, ill talk to u on google about it if u want to know