she's all that i believed in

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  1. she said that we'd still be friends. she said that it wouldn't make her uncomfortable. and she lied through her teeth. she is my world, my everything. she is all that i believed in. what do i have now? nothing. it's been a horrid 5 and a half years, but i survived. it is all in vain now. i mean absolutely nothing to her. i cannot continue on knowing this, having this at the back of my mind. i can't.
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    If you want to go into more detail and get someone's opinion, PM me or post here and I'll check back. I do have some experience with thinking about someone you can't have.
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    This can be tough. But it happens to almost everyone. There is life after this. It isn't easy to press on but you must. And it will get easier. You'll probably never forget but it will get easier. Just trust that.