She's Prostituting herself

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    I never saw it before. Love is truely blind. Now that I've taken a step back, I've thought of the past while and have realized that she is a prostitute of sorts. I never got sex from her, and she never asked me any questions about my life, nor did she care. It was all about her and her life.

    Then I started getting 1/2 nude photo's of her, I thought she was just sharing more of her self, but it was to get me more interested in her so I would take her more places and pay for her things.

    Then the all nude photos came, I still didn't realize what she was doing. Then she tells me that she is seeing someone else of the same age, it tore me apart.

    Not it's been a few days without her, and like a light went on, she's a prostitute. WOW what a fool I've been.:dry: