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  1. Rukia

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    Please shut up? I'm not going to do what you want anyway. I'm stronger than you. You can't kill me, I won't let you. Ok? I'm so tired of fighting you every minute, but I don't care. I will not let you win this time. No one will see you again, can't let you hurt them. Why do you bother to tell me how you're going to kill me? I'm not going to die, you can't make me! I want to live this time, make myself a real life, WITHOUT you. That's right, I'm kicking you out! Don't need you anymore, never did.

    I know this doesn't make any sense, just needed to get it out.
  2. thedeafmusician

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    Well I hope it helped some to get it out... :hug:

  3. Princeofhope

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    You know, you really are like Rukia.

    I always considering myself more like one of the Vizaard.

    Hollow/Shinnigami For the Win!


    You should smile more, you're named after the cutest Bleach girl.

    Serious note, I hope everything turns out okay with you. I really do hope it.

    If you want to talk, I'll listen.