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    I always think its my fault when a relationship goes bad but this time I got pushed to far by a catfish. It lasted 2 months. And them saying that they loved me after only knowing t hem 2.weeks.Then came the my aunt in africa is very sick in the hospital. I need $2000. Can you ask your mom, you dad, your sisters, cousins, friends. Well how about selling your truck, she knew damn well i got that truck from a friend that had died. And all she could say was do this for me please. dont I mean anything to you!
    I should have stopped the B.S. when I suspected this was going on. And it being long distance didn't help thematter, but in a way it did helpm
  2. Petal

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    Is this an online relationship? Or have you actually met the person? After 2 months, asking for 2 grand is quite cheeky. I hope you are not getting used here and that it is genuine. Care to tell us more?
  3. silent_chaos

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    It was online kinda thing. some thing never sat right with me from the beginning. Then my mom got sick and she flat out called me lier. I made the misake telling her my mom was getting money. And thats about when her aunt shit started. im hurt but im not. It a bi polor thing. Its just weening out the bad/hurt. Thats got me frustrating. I care, but I dont want to. she hurt me by telling me to sell my truck. That went to far. At that moment I was done. I never texted her back again. I dreamt of her all night last. every thing going perfect. So I woke up sobbing. And feeling out of control of myself. Im still sobbing off and on today cant listen to certain songs. I ended it on Friday and I was doing just fine till I had a dream about he/us
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    Be extremelly carefull. I would cut all link. There is a lot of frauds on the internet.

    Good luck for the future!
  5. silent_chaos

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    I will never be taken for a ride ever again thats for sure. Im a smart person but I make co dependent decisions. They more me then just feel helpless and alone. The right person will come along.
  6. Petal

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    *hugs* to you. No one can justify how she used you. Be very careful on the net regarding money, as northern said, there are so many frauds and they will try and squeeze everything you have,

    you sound and seem like a good, smart person. I think you are great. Just be more careful in the future x
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  7. silent_chaos

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    Thanks for your kind words. Im settling down better then I thought I would. I thought it was going to take a couple of month.
  8. Zaheer

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    sounds like a scam to me .. some people are making their living out of this kind of fraud .. one of my female friend had sent money to a guy after weeks of talking with him on phone and then heard back (its a long story)